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Changes in income taxes come into force in 2019
New regulations regarding income taxes will come into force more

Patrycja Mroczkowska

Accounting services, bookkeeping MDDP Outsourcing | Manager | Patrycja Mroczkowska

Patrycja Mroczkowska

Manager at MDDP Outsourcing

tel.: (32) 79 78 372

„Because the great things would not happen without these little things…” (author unknown)

For me outsourcing in accounting means high quality, patient and persistent work on correct and upright presenting economic results by the group of specialised accountants, so that the managers could stay focused on strategy and developing their business organizations.

Accounting is just this little thing , which seems to be invisible as soon as everything goes well. In case of problems with correctness of the accounts and tax calculations, this - apparently little thing – becomes a priority.

Personally, I came from internal accounting. However, I am deeply convinced that the future belongs to outsourcing, which continuous development could have been observed since a couple of years.Last 7 years I worked as chief accountant in big, international companies. Working in outsourcing differs from working in internal accounting a lot and therefore my target for next couple of months is to fully integrate into Mddp outsourcing and to be able to build well-knit and efficient team.