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Benefits from accounting and payroll services

Benefits of outsourcing accounting and payroll services

Sprawdź szereg korzyści jakie niesie ze sobą współpraca z MDDP OutsourcingAccounting and payroll services outsourcing should doubtless decrease costs of the Client. However, in our opinion, cost reduction is not the only factor impacting successful cooperation. Often, during the selection process of outsourcing provider issues regarding continuity of service delivery or safety of bookkeeping are neglected.

Those aspects are not consider during the selection process because it’s harder to measure them than cost of service. In MDDP Outsourcing we believe however, that those are key elements of professional services. We put as much attention to those aspects as to building our accounting or payroll knowledge. Due to this fact, our Clients may trust us and focus on most important aspects of their businesses, leaving support processes to experts. Key benefits of cooperation:

Practical knowledge and experience

Over past few years we have had opportunity to work with a diverse portfolio of clients, which, as we strongly believe, will help us to meet your expectations. Our Clients require precise reporting, close cooperation. They are demanding partners expecting highest standards. Moreover, our expertise is also respected by the professional press, with which we share our practical experience, advice and solutions.

Data security

We care about data security of our Clients. We have implemented numerous data protection procedures, both in IT – from encryption programmes to computer security software, protecting from mass data leakage as well as work processes – including work management and well-organised document worflow, e.g. document’s storage, sharing and archiving.

Cost optimization

Our basic activity involves keeping ledgers and calculating pays for external entities. It is the field in which we recruit and train our employees. Due to constant improvement, i.e. process automation, creating process-oriented organisation as well as lack of complex organisational structures, we are able to minimise unit costs and ensure high value and quality of services in return for our remuneration.

Complex support

We are not only highly specialised outsourcing company, but also a part of MDDP Group, which enables us to cooperate with experts and advisors from many fields. As a result, our Clients can get advice on many business areas, including restructuring, optimization, audit, taxation, due dilligence and many other.

Modern solutions

Apart from standard accounting and payroll services , we offer access to up-to-date supporting services, including electronic workflow, electronic personnel folders etc. As a result, our Clients can get the possibility to use innovative tools without bearing additional costs.

Cost optimization

We deeply belive, that although this is not the only factor, outsourcing of bookkeeping and payroll services make sens only if it’s cost is rational and in most cases lower that internal accounting and payroll processes. Due to this fact, we do our best to optimize costs by investing in new technologies (advanced workflow system, OCR, e-invoicing), so that we are able to ensure high quality of our services at the lowest possible price.

Access to extensive knowledge

Being well-versed in rules and regulations as well as standards is indispensable to interpret business transactions in a reliable and conscientious manner. High frequency of legal changes and implementing new accounting standards, i.e. US GAAP or MSSF, require updating and gaining knowledge constantly. MDDP employs experts in PIT, ZUS, accounting standards and taxes as well as continuosly trains employees due to changing regulations. This is the knowledge that we share with our Customers.

Knowledge of our experts combined with modern IT solutions allows us to deliver complex accounting and payroll services. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us.