Case study

Case Study. Accounting services for the veterinary industry 

The veterinary industry combines not only retail services and trade in pet products but also organization of work of the facilities or investments e.g., building veterinary hospitals from scratch. The proper functioning of companies in all those aspects requires efficient and professional handling of taxes and accounting. 

Accounting services for the veterinary industry 

The team of specialists at MDDP Outsourcing that handles the veterinary industry has practical long-term experience in providing tax and accounting services for companies. Thanks to the knowledge in specific veterinary terminology or the method of organization and operation of individual facilities, we are able to work effectively which translates to immeasurable advantages for the customer. We guarantee not only correctness of the provided data but also efficiency, promptness and a flexible approach.  


Among others, MDDP Outsourcing offers the following services for the veterinary industry: 

– handling accounts of the company along with realization of tax obligations, 

– evidencing of costs and revenue broken down by individual facilities or business areas of the company, 

– keeping a record of tangible assets and equipment broken down by individual veterinary clinics and settlement of tangible assets under construction, 

– settlement of inventory and calculation of own costs of products sold per facility, 

– settlement of cash reports and payment card reports of employees even for several dozens of facilities, 

– an ongoing contact with veterinary facilities and contractors, 

– handling of tax and accounting purchase transaction of an organized part of the enterprise or purchase or shares, 

– due diligence of veterinary facilities,  

– preparation of financial statements, reports and handling of audits, 

– reporting adjusted to the customer’s requirements, 

– support in obtaining financing e.g., through additional reporting or obtaining certificates, 

– ability to provide support of tax advisors or lawyers. 


The above-mentioned services are based on the innovative approach of MDDP Outsourcing to any improvements e.g., within the scope of:  

– electronic circulation of documents that has been in use for years  

– automated input of bank transfers 

Thus, even if we provide services to several dozens of facilities, we are still able to ensure smooth processing of payments to each of them as well as online access to every booked document, with possible verification of the stage of circulation that the invoice is currently in. We also guarantee our customers remote access to the accounting system. 


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Author: Ewa Włodawiec Manager accounting office in Warsaw