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Case Study. Comprehensive accounting services for companies using the RAKS system 

Standard accounting is often based on manual input of data and printed documentation. It is time-consuming and poses the risk of errors. Accounting with the use of the RAKS system eliminates the above-mentioned inconveniences through automation of the said processes, which speeds up accounting work and also increases accuracy. Full accounting based on RAKS means comprehensive management of all the financial aspects of a company: from invoicing, tax settlements to balancing.  

What is RAKS-based accounting? 

Accounting based on RAKS is a modern accounting solution that utilizes advanced information technology to optimize and automate all the routine accounting processes but also allows for a simultaneous handling of an unlimited number of documents. It ensures a much higher effectiveness and accuracy compared to standard methods. 

Accounting based on RAKS is mainly characterized by the use of cloud-based systems, which provides access to accounting data from any place and at any time.  

Cloud solutions in accounting bring many advantages – for example, they save time and space and pose a lower risk of document loss or destruction. The systems are integrated with the most advanced solutions within the scope of data safety, which guarantees protection against unauthorized access and loss of data, particularly against hacking attacks. 

Thanks to the extensive evidence system and authorizations, the software provides control over the access to selected data. RAKS works in accordance with the requirements of the Act on personal data protection. 

The key element of accounting based on RAKS is the software component that serves the role of a central data base, integrating various functional modules, such as: 

  • invoicing, 
  • settlements with the Tax Office, 
  • bookkeeping, 
  • payment management.  

RAKS has a feature that greatly increases the quality of accounting management – the tool allows for data verification – e.g. SAF-T files. In case of any revealed errors in documents, the system immediately informs the user about any irregularities. As a result, the documents sent to the Polish National Tax Administration will be always 100% correct. Statements to the Tax Office are sent directly from the platform and the Official Proof of Submission is saved in the software.  

Advantages of accounting based on RAKS 

The advantages brought by the implementation of RAKS are numerous, including saving time and money, a better control over the company’s finances and the ability to quickly adjust to the changing regulations of law. The software features a template for an account plan, profit and loss account and balance sheet, which the user can easily adjust to their own needs. When booking the documents, one can use the predefined accounting templates, which simplifies and speeds up work.  

The software provides a great advantage of convenient import of data from other systems as well as ensuring a direct connection with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The accounting data is transferred in real time and automatically updated in the created lists and reports in Excel.  

RAKS gives the opportunity to adjust all the normally available lists and printouts to own needs. Both the range of information and the graphical representation of the printout can be individually tailored. The user can, for example, create versions of reports in any foreign language. What is more, the Report Generator can create completely new individual lists with the use of data included in the accounting system, according to the customer’s needs.  

Another reason to choose RAKS is its compatibility with other systems. It allows for electronic import and export of data, among others: dictionary records, commercial, financial and warehouse documents. It accelerates and automates the document booking process, thus eliminating the need for manual booking of documents – a time-consuming method that bears a high risk of errors.  

Practical aspects of accounting based on RAKS 

The implementation of accounting based on RAKS requires proper preparation and understanding of new technologies. The entrepreneur must be prepared for the need to adjust to the changing tools and accounting procedures. 

The choice of the proper accounting software should depend on the specific nature of the company, its size and individual needs. The software should be scalable, safe and it should provide technical support. 

The list of accounting documents should contain all the documents necessary for the proper and full settlement of the company, like: 

  • invoices,  
  • agreements,  
  • bank statements,  
  • proofs of payment,  
  • bills for services and goods,  
  • HR documents. 

The proper interpretation of accounting data requires understanding the basics of accounting and the ability to carry out financial analyses. Thanks to the RAKS system, many of such processes are automated, which facilitates the analysis and interpretation of data. 

Accounting with RAKS sis the future of financial management in business. Thanks to the automation, centralization of data and modern technologies, entrepreneurs can significantly improve the efficiency of their accounting work. One should then consider implementing it not only to simplify everyday operations but also to increase the company’s financial safety and transparency. 

Our accounting firm specializes in providing comprehensive accounting services for companies that decided to use the RAKS system. We understand the specific nature and needs of modern companies, that is why we offer a broad range of services in order to ensure a complete financial and accounting support. 

Accounting services for companies using the RAKS system: 

  • Handling of accounting books: We ensure thorough and timely management of your accounting books, including both everyday operations as well as monthly closures of accounts. 
  • Reports and lists: we ensure creating fully tailor-made lists with the use of data included in the accounting system 
  • Preparation of financial statements: we regularly prepare comprehensive financial statements that are needed in the assessment of financial performance of the company and to make strategic decisions. 
  • Evidencing of tangible assets: We easily realize evidencing, updates and depreciation of tangible assets, equipment and intangible assets. 
  • Preparation of VAT, CIT, PIT declarations: We prepare all the necessary declarations and applications to guarantee compliance with the applicable regulations of law and avoid risk. 
  • Issuing sales invoices, re-invoicing, distribution of invoices to recipients: We automate and streamline the invoicing process, which ensures a fast and effective communication with contractors. 
  • Inventory of the outstanding balance: We automate and enhance the process of generation and sending confirmations of outstanding balances.  

Each of those services is adjusted to the individual needs of our customers, with the use of most-advanced tools available as part of the RAKS system. We provide a professional approach, promptness and full involvement in responding to the requirements of our customers so that they can effectively manage their finances and grow their business. If necessary, we are also ready to adjust our offer to the specific individual needs of your company. 

The process of accounting handling of documents: 

  • Process of recording of accounting documents 
  • Manual input of new documents => PK   
  • Automatic input of documents 
  • Import of new documents from files => sales invoices, payrolls  
  • Import of bank statements 
  • Automatic invoicing of cost invoices approved in WEBCON 
  • Substantive approval / confirmation of the document 
  • Settlements 
  • Payments 
  • VAT declarations, SAF-T files 
  • Reporting – custom reports for the customer’s needs 
  • Financial reporting – balance sheet, profit and loss account  


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Author: Sylwia Kulczycka, Manager at accounting office in MDDP Outsourcing