Case study

Case Study. Outsourcing of human resources assistance

Outsourcing of human resources assistance is a process that involves entrusting duties related to HR and payroll matters by a company to a third-party company or service provider. 

We know that in order to develop, the company must concentrate on the main areas of operations, lowering operating costs, obtaining access to specialist knowledge and experience or more effective personnel management. We offer services that involve delegating an employee to implement the tasks of an internal HR department in a particular period. 

The advantages of such cooperation include: 

  1. Focusing on main areas of business: optimization of time and resources that allows concentrating on the strategic business aspects instead of routine HR and payroll tasks. 
  1. A cost-efficient solution: Outsourcing of HR assistance is usually cheaper than maintaining an internal HR and payroll team. Moreover, we assume the risk connected with staff turnover, including unexpected absence, ensuring continuity of the process. 
  1. Access to specialist knowledge and experience: thanks to our services, the company gains highly-qualified experts in HR and payrolls, which translates to effective solutions and access to latest information. The worker that provides HR assistance can, at any time, consult a particular matter with an HR and payroll specialist. 
  1. Flexibility: the ability to adjust the scope of outsourcing to the current business needs – both by increasing and decreasing the scale of HR assistance. 
  1. Streamlining of processes: we provide the tools and systems that optimize and improve the payroll and HR processes.  


By using the HR assistance outsourcing, the company can effectively increase its operational efficiency, lower the costs and gain access to specialist knowledge, achieving a competitive advantage on the market. 

Author: Sylwia Paradowska Payroll Manager accounting office in Warsaw