Reference. Bauer Media Group

Bauer Group is a holding company operating in Poland since 1991. The Group is currently composed of companies conducting business activities in the following sectors: publishing, printing, radio and the Internet.

The Bauer Media Polska Group features a holding structure and, thus, has a strict distribution of competences.

Nowadays, there are five companies of the Bauer Group operating in Poland: Bauer Media Sp.k., Grupa RMF Sp. z o.o., sp. k. (radio), Interia S.A. (the Internet), Wydawnictwo Bauer Sp. k. (magazines) and BDN Sp. k. (printing).

The core business of Bauer Media Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. involves business and other management consultancy activities.

Bauer Media Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. started its cooperation with MDDP Outsourcing in February 2009. As part of the cooperation, MDDP Outsourcing manages the accounts, tax settlements, HR and payroll matters as well as prepares the financial statements.

Above all, we appreciate MDDP Outsourcing for the competences of its employees in the field of accounting, taxes and finances as well as for the attention paid to the Customer’s needs and the Outsourcer’s activity.

We are satisfied with the long-term cooperation with MDDP Outsourcing and recommend it as a business partner.

Andrzej Choynowski.