Fundacja Digital Poland

The Digital Poland Foundation changes digital challenges into opportunities for the Polish economy. We position Poland as the leading center of digital innovations on a global scale, promoting an international and interbranch initiative, using synergy, combining subjects and creating a network of contacts and relationships. We started our cooperation with MDDP Outsourcing in 2020 and it has continued till this day.

We appreciate MDDP Outsourcing for the quality of offered services and great professional approach of the assigned team when handling the matters of our company. So far, bearing in mind the scope of the said services and the complex nature of emerging issues, the MDDP Outsourcing team has exhibited great knowledge in accounting and fiscal matters throughout the whole period of our cooperation.

Our company is fully satisfied with the cooperation and we can wholeheartedly recommend MDDP Outsourcing as a trustworthy and reliable business partner within the scope of accounting services.