Girffin Capital Partners Sp. z o.o.

Griffin Capital Partners Sp. z o.o. operates in the sector of real estate services, consultancy services, as well as financial intermediation. MDDP Outsourcing has been providing us with tax and accounting services and HR and payroll services since 2011.

From the very beginning of the cooperation, MDDP Outsourcing has fulfilled its obligations in a reliable and timely manner, ensuring the high quality of services rendered in favor of our company.

MDDP Outsourcing provides us with professional management thanks to the flexible approach towards our affairs. Its employees that we work with are extremely competent and efficient and, at the same time, exhibit understanding of the business needs of our company and great commitment. They adjust the manner of management to the changing circumstances. Any emerging challenges are handled quickly and effectively.

The great commitment as well as the specialist knowledge and practical skills of the employees of MDDP Outsourcing translate into palpable effects of efficient accounting, HR and payroll management that meets all our expectations. The cooperation with MDDP Outsourcing has been very fruitful and helps us focus on achieving our business objectives.

We wholeheartedly recommend MDDP Outsourcing as the specialist in its field and a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Member of the Management Board, Monika Kaczmarska