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In 2018, we decided to establish a cooperation with MDDP Outsourcing seated in Warsaw. We have been continuously using the comprehensive support of the accounting team and the payroll team for over five years.

The accounting and HR services rendered by MDDP Outsourcing are of the highest quality and provided by an experienced and professional team of experts in the outsourcing sector. One could list many assets of MDDP Outsourcing – starting from timeliness, provision of reliable data, to ongoing support on a daily basis. MDDP Outsourcing meticulously handles every detail, such as monthly reporting (adjusted to our expectations, when needed) as well as tax calculations e.g., of VAT/CIT/PIT. MDDP Outsourcing pays particular attention to punctuality, both in terms of monthly reports as well as obligations towards governmental bodies.

The very good communication is a great advantage of our cooperation. On numerous occasions, the experts at MDDP Outsourcing have proposed additional solutions that faciliated our work, such as by giving access to a program for smoother and easier invoice circulation.

We receive solid support we receive from MDDP Outsourcing as well as are certain that our company is in the hand of professionals – thus, we recommend MDDP Outsourcing as the provider of comprehensive accounting and HR management.