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MDDP Outsourcing in Katowice

MDDP Outsourcing in Katowice

At the beginning of 2011 the MDDP company opened another regional office in Silesia. Another regional branch of MDDP Outsourcing in Katowice started operating thus offering the services in the field of accounting and payroll services.

"The choice of Katowice was motivated by its position among other Polish urban agglomerations, well-developed infrastructure and competitive economy. Currently, outsourcing services go beyond traditional accounting significantly. The companies expect a far bigger support; therefore, it is so important to reach local businessmen directly, especially in a city developing as dynamically as Katowice", said Wojciech Kopcik, a partner at MDDP Outsourcing.
MDDP Office in Katowice offers Customers a comprehensive financial and accounting reporting, servicing accounting processes, management reporting and controlling, keeping personal registers and personal employees files as well as HR and payroll services. With support of expertst from other departments of MDDP (TAX, Finance, Business Consulting), MDDP Outsourcing team provides Customers with assistance both on operational and strategic level, focusing on maximizing positive effects resulting from transferring the service of business processes to external service vendor.


MDDP Outsourcing
Accounting office in Katowice
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