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Trends in outsourcing Trends in outsourcing

Trends in outsourcing

Companies aware of peculiarity of outsourcing, that is providing services for a monthly fee (subscription fee) without the need to bear investment costs related to creating IT infrastructure or a team, more and more frequently reach for comprehensive solutions, not only basic services.
Offer which would combine business service with access to the system, which might be used by Customer's employees, is in great demand. In such a model the software (including its maintenance and administration) is offered as service (SaaS), whereas payments are made on a monthly basis as in the case of a typical rent.

A service provider prepares (configures) IT system according to Customer's requirements, and which is rendered available to a wide group of Customer's employees pursuant to granted rights. Using the system is possible due to remote access most frequently through the Internet browser. This kind of solutions are used to support business processes for example submitting applications to be approved of by another person, such as settling business trips or applying for holidays and/or unassisted monitoring of a balance status, e.g. remaining holiday, which allows for limiting communication with HR department. This way of using the systems is frequently called "self-service".

The most popular solutions of this kind offered by MDDP:

  • Electronic personal files for managing personal documents. Customers are granted access to software where they can find scanned documents - employee's personal files. Each document is categorized and has its own specification which makes it easier to browse through it according to predetermined criteria.
  • Employee self-service in the HR area. Software allowing for planning and settling working hours as well as servicing the process of submitting and approving holiday applications. Employees have the possibility to submit electronic holiday applications whereas their superiors can approve of those applications. All employees have access to the status of their applications and holiday entitlement at all times. Moreover, they can print out selected individual documents, i.e. payslips, on their own. Management has access to holiday balance final reports, absences registers etc.
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