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Accounting advisory and registering companies in Poland

Accounting advisory

Goals set for accounting divisions, such as supporting the company's development and management, require knowledge from many areas as well as possessing atypical competences. Although in everyday work these goals involve performing easier tasks, it is still a big challenge to find answers to the following questions:

  • How to implement accounting system?
  • How to design a good account plan?
  • How to perform a financial report pursuant to MSSF?
  • How to prepare accounting policy?
  • How to organise the operation of financial and accounting division?
  • How to execute the process of building SSC?

Therefore, among our experts you will find advisors who are ready to share their experiences and who specialise in specific issues from the field of finances, accounting and project management. Accounting advisory services that we provide include:

  • Creating financial and accounting divisions
  • Training employees from Customer's accounting divisions
  • Creating accounting policies
  • Consulting services on the issues of implementing accounting systems
  • Managing projects of implementing accounting systems
  • Testing accounting systems
  • Preparing financial reports compliant with PSR and MSR
  • Preparing companies for listing on stock exchange
  • Implementing MSR/MSSF
  • Financial due diligence


Registering companies

To start conducting business activity it is enough to have a good idea. Later, you just need to found a company and make your idea come true. Unfortunately, the process of registering companies in Poland is rather complex, burdensome and time-consuming. Saving time of our Customers, we offer help both in the field of advising on the form of business (presenting advantages and disadvantages and costs as well the risks resulting from possible options) and carrying out the process of registration.

We offer both full services including keeping the ledgers and help on each stage of registering the company:

  • optimal capital structure analysis
  • preparing company's agreement
  • assistance with arranging bank account details, office space
  • reporting to adequate institutions
  • preparing agreements with employees
  • preparing in-house procedures (document circulation, payment acceptance, etc)
  • companies for sale


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