Financial audits and fiscal audits

Fiscal audit can be a problematic process that every company that conducts business activities must be prepared for. The processes conducted by the Fiscal Audit to compare documents with the actual status do not only take time of the company employees, but also require space in the company premises, which hinders the performance of ongoing activities. In order to avoid such inconvenience, it is a good solution to entrust accounting to an external company that in such situations will greatly facilitate cooperation with auditors.

Although, as a rule, the audit should take place at the entrepreneur’s registered office (the taxpayer is obligated to give access to a secluded, closed room necessary for the auditors to perform their duties), the accounting office that provides services for the company might transfer such audit to their own registered office.

Fiscal audits on behalf of our customers

For customers using the accounting services rendered by MDDP Outsourcing, we offer that you can entrust our agency with handling fiscal audits. Thanks to the fact that all your invoices will be stored in our archive, financial audit is no longer problematic and we are able to address any accounting and tax questions of the auditing authority.

As a part of the granted power-of-attorney, we save your time by handling the auditing authorities without the involvement of any space in your premises. We reply to the questions on the basis of our long-term experience in financial and accounting services, but we also rely on consultations with your company.

You can be informed on the course of the audit on an ongoing basis, even if the financial audit takes place in a branch department that is far from your registered office.

If you entrust the accounting office MDDP Outsourcing with accounting and handling of fiscal audits, you may gain the following advantages:

  • saving time,
  • saving space,
  • certainty of properly prepared documentation,
  • constant (also remote) access to status of the conducted audit.

We encourage you to take advantage of our experts’ support!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our offer, we highly encourage you to contact us or one of our stationary accounting offices: in Warsaw (Mazovian District) or in Katowice (Silesian District).

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