Bank accounts & transfers

We are aware of the time-consuming nature of managing many bank transfers, generating of bank statements and bank confirmations, or seeking for other bank information. The scale and timeliness of such operations often generates periodic errors at companies, where those errors are caused by, e.g. no transfer performed or duplicated transfers. The very need of having to explain the irregularities with a bank is very problematic and is contrary to the entrepreneur’s interests.

Our services include handling of bank transfers and accounts

Outsourcing of implementation of bank payments

For customers that use the accounting services of MDDP Outsourcing, we offer the usage of our service concerning the generation of payments. It is based on a payment acceptance system that is integrated with the system of electronic circulation of documents, so that you may not only accept the validity of purchase orders or cost documentation – but also accept payments within a parallel circulation.

Thanks to a systemic approach, we are able to implement even the most advanced transfers that are beyond standard payment services. We can generate payments based on an algorithm (on the date of payment, +/- n of days with regard to the deadline, etc.) as well as implement them whenever you decide. It should be mentioned that according to the advanced model of “continuous accounting”, we are able to input payments on a daily basis, not only on certain days of the week.

As a part of the ordered comprehensive accounting services, you may take advantage of a set of functions that support the implementation of payments, such as:

  • the input of transfers,
  • downloading of bank statements and bank confirmations,
  • generation of listings from banks,
  • possibility of clarification of irregularities with the bank,
  • split payment,
  • control over the timeliness of tax-related transfers,
  • services concerning calls for payment.

Our payment input service is handled through the system used for the electronic circulation of documents that has a very intuitive interface – you just have to copy the information on authorization levels and the system will be ready to be used.

Also, as a part of such a solution, you will be given the opportunity to use our services concerning summons for payment. We verify every summons in terms of the payment and the possible surcharges resulting from the confirmation are input after your approval.

Acceptance of payments according to a selected model

Every user of our offered payment system, after a short training, will be able to accept a payment, verify whether payments have been implemented, and check the payments that still have been planned.

The procedures that we designed will allow you to make a choice of the preferred method of accepting the implemented payments. In the most convenient option, it is possible to provide approval with one click, which minimizes the time required to implement payment.

However, if the particular nature of your business activity involves the need for a multi-stage acceptance process, in accordance with specific criteria (amounts, CAPEX/OPEX, indication of department), we will adjust our circulation of documents so that the transfer will not be processed from your account without full verification.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our offer, we highly encourage you to contact us or one of our stationary accounting offices: in Warsaw (Mazovian District) or in Katowice (Silesian District).

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