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Bookkeeping services for business

Innovative bookkeeping services for business

Using bookkeeping services is nothing new for some companies, while for others it's a big decision of changing the existing business model. Regardless of whether your company has outsourced bookkeeping services or is just planning to make this change, we believe that success depends on the choice of partner that offers full bookkeeping services tailored to your expectations.

Here at MDDP Outsourcing we aim to offer the most cutting edge bookkeeping services. What does it mean?

  • we post documents linearly – daily
  • all documents posted by us are available online as scans
  • you don't have to provide us with the documents, we can obtain them directly from the contractors
  • we work with e-invoices
  • we enter your bank transfers
  • we issue sales invoices and send them to your contractors
  • the bookkeeping services can be provided using your or our bookkeeping system

In practice it means that Clients who use our innovative accounting and bookkeeping services don't come into contact with paper documents and have 24/7 access to bookkeeping data that is constantly updated.

Our bookkeeping services will be of particular interest to:

  • companies looking for cutting edge bookkeeping – we offer our Clients not only bookkeeping services, but also advanced tools such as Workflow, e-purchase orders, e-invoicing, e-delegations
  • companies looking for good communication with the bookkeeping team – each Client receives a dedicated email inbox and the phone number of the Team Leader who oversees all the work
  • companies reporting to international groups – our portfolio is dominated by bookkeeping Clients that report to their parent companies
  • companies that require a fast month-end closing – we are able to carry out the bookkeeping process in a way that allows us to close the accounts within the first few working days of the following month
  • companies that value high quality outsourcing of bookkeeping  services – thanks to extensive control procedures, the quality of our services is exceptional

MDDP Outsourcing of bookkeeping services in brief

Aktywa klientów MDDP Outsourcing wynoszą łącznie ponad 4 mld pln Biuro rachunkowe MDDP Outsourcing przetwarza ponad 30.000 dokumentów miesięcznie Usługi księgowe MDDP Outsourcing pozwalają odzyskać ponad 100 mln pln podatku VAT rocznie
PLN 4.2 billion 32,000 > PLN 100 million
Total assets of all Clients of
the bookkeeping department

Thousands of bookkeeping documents processed each month

We recover millions
in Clients' VAT refunds


zespół MDDP Outsourcing to ponad 100 ekspertów z zakresu usług finansowo-księgowych Ponad 10 lat działalności MDDP Outsourcing na rynku usług księgowych
>100 10
Our team consists of more than a hundred specialists in the field of bookkeeping We have been supporting bookkeeping Clients for almost 10 years



What makes us stand out?

Klienci MDDP Outsourcing mogą liczyć na indywidualne traktowanie

Excellent Communication

  • One contact person and a dedicated email address
  • Regular meetings summarizing the status of the bookkeeping process
  • Training regarding changes in the bookkeeping and tax laws
  • No charges for communication
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Cutting Edge Solutions

  • Electronic Document Workflow, e-archives, e-purchase orders
  • 24/7 access to data online
  • E-invoices
Dopasowujemy swoje usługi podatkowe do potrzeb każdego klienta

Flexible Approach

  • We work with our own or the Client's bookkeeping systems
  • Comprehensive bookkeeping, HR and payroll services or implementation of selected processes
  • Work from our office or in the Client's office
Nowoczesna księgowość pozwala oszczędzić czas

Saving Time

  • We meet stringent reporting deadlines
  • We process bookkeeping documents within 24 hours of receiving them
  • We post data linearly (not in jumps)


Cooperation model

Elements of the process

Paper Electronic
Receiving bookkeeping documents from contractors The Client MDDP Outsourcing
The time between the arrival of the document to the Client, approval, transfer to the bookkeeping and the final posting

Usually from a few to more than a dozen days

Always the next business day

Searching for old bookkeeping documents

In a binder, then scan via email

Convenient online access 24 hours a day

Requesting financial data of selected areas of several companies from the Group

Prepared based on data from several ledgers

Available online, in one window

Matching invoices with contracts

By reference numbers and searching the binder or the scan of the contract

Contracts attached to each invoice in the system, available with a single click

The possibility of the Client's employee keeping bookkeeping documents without the organization's knowledge

Exists – if an employee puts the invoice “in a drawer”, there is a high risk that no one will notice it for a while

Doesn't exist. You can always check which invoices, and for how long, are kept by any person

Access to bookkeeping documents

During working hours

At a convenient time and place