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Changes in income taxes come into force in 2019
New regulations regarding income taxes will come into force more

MDDP Outsourcing office providing bookkeeping services in Warsaw was established in 2007 and was the first branch to provide such services. In Warsaw there are many bookkeeping firms, but MDDP Outsourcing is one of the largest providers of comprehensive services in the field of bookkeeping outsourcing in Warsaw and in Poland, and our experience and scale allowed us to prepare an offer of unique advantages:

  • we post documents daily
  • we make all posted documents available online
  • we can obtain documents directly from your contractors
  • we work with e-invoices
  • we handle the payment process
  • we can issue sales invoices and deliver them to your Clients
  • we provide bookkeeping services using either ours or the Client's bookkeeping system

For you, our most advanced service means no contact with paper documents, access to bookkeeping information 24/7, financial data updated on a regular basis.

Our bookkeeping office in Warsaw, located at 69 Prosta Street in the center of Warsaw, welcomes Clients from Warsaw and the Masovian Voivodeship who are looking for bookkeeping services. Thanks to the possibilities of using electronic documents when dealing with authorities increasing from year to year, we can offer comprehensive bookkeeping services in Warsaw and to Clients from other parts of Poland as well as from abroad (bookkeeping services in English).

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