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FlexiHRM Employee Portal


FlexiHRM – Portal Pracowniczy (Employee Portal) is a system which revolutionises the performance of HR tasks and management of employee issues. It is a system which takes you from hardcopy to digital.

As companies grow, they usually introduce new standards, procedures and administrative duties, which frustrates their employees. They are put off by the manner of performing their duties and obtaining the relevant information and the amount of time needed to do it. The individual elements of the required data are usually kept in different forms, in many systems, and in various locations across the organisation, e.g. in the HR or administration department or at the supervisor’s. Often even browsing the history and checking the status of cases is arduous and requires telephone, e-mail or personal contact, whereas the point is to streamline employees’ work, enable them to benefit from their independence, and to make their duties pleasant as if they were shopping online.

FlexiHRM is a system designed based on understanding of human behaviour, which adjusts the screen and available actions to the context of the performed tasks. It minimises work duration and helps rather than disturbs.

It is a one stop shop for employees to address all their issues in one place. Document scans, electronic forms, workflow-based approval processes, and messages are delivered to employees without having to go anywhere or stay in the office, and all this is available via a web application anytime, anywhere.

Who is it for?

Flexi Portal HR is addressed to both MDDP Outsourcing customers who use HR and payroll services and to companies which have their own employee support teams. Our portal is provided as a cloud service or as a separate installation on the customer’s server.

FlexiHRM should be of particular interest to:

  • companies with a centralised HR and payroll function, e.g. in the form of SSC, in which employees of the central HR department need to have convenient access to documents of all employees, regardless of which company they work for;
  • entities with a geographically dispersed structure. The portal leverages electronic forms, which replace their hardcopy version. The portal dramatically accelerates correspondence and document workflows and provides information on the history and status of these documents as well as on the person responsible for them at a given time;
  • HR departments – the portal makes it easier to unify document workflow policies across the organisation and enables controlling the status of employee cases in a single place.

Main features of FlexiHRM:

|   E-teczka

|   Support for employee case management (benefits, training, individual issues) complete with history and status

|   Electronic leave requests

|   Archive of templates of corporate documents

|   No investments – no need to purchase licenses and servers or incur maintenance costs (SaaS model)

|   No installation – the portal is available online via a browser

|   24/7 access to employee portal

|   Two-factor authentication, which serves as an additional control of data access



Personal files

According to labour law, employers are obliged to keep a personal file for every employee. Furthermore, both labour law and regulations of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection impose on the employer the obligation to apply technical and organisational measures to ensure control of access to documents and security of data processing. In short, data (in systems) and documents (in archives) must be secured against disclosure to or processing by unauthorised individuals and against modification, loss (e.g. theft), damage or destruction as well as any other form of unauthorised or unwanted processing.

Przechowywanie danych w archiwum wymaga dużo miejsca | MDDP Outsourcing | Usługi


How to do it?

The technical measures, i.e. physical security (rooms and cabinets), alarms and access procedures for documents in personal files are the necessary investment in order to ensure at least the minimum due diligence in fulfilling the imposed obligations.

It can be done. But is it worth it?

As part of its core HR and payroll services, MDDP Outsourcing offers the keeping of personal files to help meeting the obligations imposed on employers under relevant laws. We ensure personal files protection already at the stage of designing and organising adequate office space and IT security.

We create and update personal files in a traditional way, i.e. office room, cabinet, folder, documents, but we enable our customers to use access these files electronically. Such employee electronic folder (e-teczka) complies with labour laws and allows for providing a much bigger set of employee related documents.

Personal files in the digital age

In a traditional archive, documents in the employee’s personal file are grouped in three sections, each of which should be preceded with a separate list of all the documents it contains. Of course, the documents in each section of the personal file should be numbered and kept in chronological order.

The e-folder provided by us as part of HRM Portal automatically keeps chronological order, whereas after updating the documents it is possible to print a list of documents in each section. You can also generate a list of documents in chronological order at any time.

E-teczka is not only electronic personal files kept in accordance with labour laws, but also periodical documents such as payslips, tax returns etc.

E-teczka – main features:

  • Ability to digitize all employee documents
  • Keeping electronic personal files in accordance with labour laws
  • Distribution and archiving of cyclical documents. You can download historical documents at any time
  • Powerful and user-friendly document search engine
  • Support for documents concerning different forms of employment: employment contract, civil-law contract, management contracts
  • The process of describing and archiving documents is carried out with additional control by another user
  • A workflow for managing the process of adding documents to the archive
  • Full support for central HR teams and SSC organisations – access to documents for any customisable group of employees or companies


Payroll for SSC and BPO

Biura w Warszawie otwiera coraz więcej firm z sektora BPO i SSC | MDDP Outsourcing | UsługiKraków, Wrocław, Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice, Tricity—these Polish cities are known not only for their history or landmarks, but also for being the most important hubs of shared services centres (SSC), business process outsourcing (BPO) services, and call centres in Poland. SSCs and BPO enterprises are highly innovative entities greatly stressing operational efficiency, which entails the need to design and apply the best business practices to process contracted business tasks..

However, these units operate as legal entities, and as such require accounting and payroll functions. Although remuneration settlement, maintenance of personal files, and reporting to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) are mandatory, they are all but of secondary importance to the management. The officers just want to have them done, without getting involved themselves on this matter.

The management of such companies focus on an organisational efficiency and profitability of their operations, on ensuring the business continuity and high quality, regardless of potential personnel rotation or the number of entities taken over and operated. As for HR, they are interested in managing talents within the enterprise, building an organisational culture of the company (its own DNA), succession— recruitment, induction, early establishment of work efficiency, and planning career paths for employees—as well as reporting FTE employment and work costs, analysing workload and invoicing customers for projects, but not mundane HR and payroll tasks.

The employees and team leaders in such companies have their own expectations too: both require as little time as possible spent on relations with the HR department (administrative tasks) and a high standard of support of internal administration functions, including best practice IT tools for facilitating everyday work.

Even though in the case of SSCs and BPO enterprises it is common to invest in automation of customer service (which enables for an increased profit margin and competitiveness), the so called back office functions do not get access to modern solutions due to budget restraints. Solutions for employee management and executing administrative tasks remain far behind those offered to customers, and are limited to just an email and time tracking systems. One could say, the cobbler’s children are the worst shod.

Just as service centres do for their clients, MDDP Outsourcing applies the best business practices for service centres, designing and providing modern processing solutions and models of cooperation, as well as using and offering IT applications for employee management, such as HRM FlexiSolutions.

Many aspects of employee management—enrolment for insurance, applying for benefits, requesting holiday leave, or getting a payslip can be effectuated via systems, and HR employees can have a continuous and ongoing access to all matters to check their status.

We understand that employees want to be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace, and that they want to act independently and fast when dealing with their tasks, without superfluous intermediaries and time consuming searching through correspondence and case logs.

Payroll for SSC or BPO should get interest of?

  1. Already existing centres which seek to improve their efficiency and implement new solutions;
  2. Newly created service centres

Entities commencing their activity as an SSC or a BPO provider in Poland can count on MDDP Outsourcing support in a vast array of matters related to launching an enterprise:

  • We provide professional advice on formal matters—when the obligation arises to draw up terms of service, how to account for travel assignment expenses etc.— and employee transfers (expats)
  • We pay attention to material provisions of effective employment contracts
  • We draw up documents for facilitating recruitment, such as questionnaires for data gathering
  • We provide support in managing pre-employment medical assessments and EHS trainings
  • We help make reports to authorities
  • We respond to any arising questions—e.g. work costs or calculating an example wage

Benefits for the HR department in an SSC / BPO enterprise:

  • maintaining relatively low HR staff levels;
  • focus on matters conducive to business activities rather than administrative work (all statutory tasks—personal tax return forms, social security contributions, and Tax Office communications) can be managed by MDDP);
  • 24/7 access to IT tools (FlexiHRM, employee portal) supporting the management and work of employees;
  • elevating employee management to the level of their own customers’

Customers in the market undoubtedly expect better and more modern solutions from SSCs and BPO enterprises.

At MDDP Outsourcing, we rely on innovation and development of IT tools, which enables us to more than meet these expectations and provide our customers with top quality services.