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FlexiSolutions - Flexi Workflow System (EDW)

  • Configuration  of  notification of transactions – e-mail notifications are sent to users to remind them about pending tasks.  Frequency and type of notifications is adjusted to every user and company. It can be set in the system with accuracy of an hour.
  • Replacements - delegating duties during the absence of other employees.
  • Working with two monitors – There is a special option of dual-view for employees working with a large number of documents- which is very useful in accounting teams. Digitized data of the invoice   are displayed on one monitor, whereas image of the invoice in full version - on the second one. It is not necessary to scroll the view.
  • Reports - system provides intuitive access to historical data through many user-friendly reports, with a possibility to export data to Excel files.
  • User-friendly interface – which can be adjusted  to every user individually.


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