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FlexiSolutions - Flexi Workflow System (EDW)

The MDDP Outsourcing's Flexi Workflow system stands out from competitors, because it is specially adapted to the needs of accountants. It has all necessary fields needed to post invoices. Our offer is distinguished by the narrow functionalities which apply to accounting industry. Algorithms implemented into the system validate the data in terms of accounting principles applicable to the Polish law. For example, it does not allow to enter  the same invoice, issued by the same contractor twice, which results in avoiding the discrepancies in accounting books. Most of the fields are checked in the system in this exact way. Our system is able to ensure that the date of the document is correct, for example, it checks if the date of the invoice receipt is not earlier than the invoicing date. It also checks other dependencies between dates.

Bookkeeping module of Flexi Workflow system

When MDDP Outsourcing Experts were creating the Flexi Workflow system, they emphasized its compliance with accounting rules as well as automation and simplification of the processes. For instance, special classes of transaction and accounting schemes were created for cyclical invoices, in order to optimize organization of work. There is a list of 40 basic classes of transactions, for example class of transactions prepared for invoices of cyclical services like the telecommunication, rent or cleaning. The invoices received each month are assigned to the appropriate class and their posting can be further verified by the appropriate person. Accounting process is done automatically when a user selects the class of transactions corresponding to the invoice.

The additional advantage of the Flexi system is the ability to integrate with other accounting systems. It lets data to be transferred directly to the accounting system, so that there is no need to enter it the second time (which means double work elimination).There are two ways of system integration. The first one means the full integration - the systems  are combined online and the data are automatically transferred. There is also a possibility to connect both systems partly by exporting data from one system and importing to another in a fixed interval of time. Thanks to the integration, the database can be kept just in one place.

Electronic Document Workflow helps to manage the costs effectively, provided that the received information is thorough and current. It is possible to analyze costs based on the cost centers or other attributes called classifiers. Classifiers can represent products, buildings departments or regions of the country. You can import them to Excel file in a convenient way. Functional table helps to easily assign and share the costs multidimensionally. The user can sort, filter and export the data to Excel based on every implemented piece of data, which facilitates their further analysis, creating reports and summaries.

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