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In accordance with the regulations, which came into force on 1 January 2013 question of issuing and sending invoices has been liberalized considerably. Nowadays invoice can be sent in any electronic way i.e. e-mail, fax, pdf etc. However, the conditions to ensure the authenticity, integrity and legibility of the invoice content have to be met. Providing these issues is a matter of the taxpayer, which should provide it with the selected business controls that must enable the audit cycle invoice from the supplier to the recipient of goods or services.

E-invoices module in Flexi Workflow system from MDDP Outsourcing

Taking into account the above changes, MDDP Outsourcing team has created functionality for automatic downloading and processing of e-invoices in a convenient way for users while maintaining security in the Flexi Workflow. The system can be integrated with email box designed to receive electronic invoices sent from contractors. E-invoices in PDF format will be automatically loaded into the system.

Important fact is that importing invoices (if properly set by the administrator) in Flexi occurs automatically, without user intervention. The system detects the message with the attached e-invoice and follows import into electronic documents. Once imported, the system reads the header information contained in the invoice such as invoice number, relevant dates, the name of the contractor and the NIP. Loading data strongly accelerates further invoice processing for successive stages of approval, saves time and does not require manual involvement.

Advantages of using e-invoices:

  • saving time - received invoices are automatically imported to the system;
  • acceleration of the invoices approval process (for earlier deduction of VAT);
  • computerization of the invoices receiving process (electronic records of received invoices without paper protocols);
  • elimination of paper invoices (access to the electronic version of the invoices at any time, less risk of data loss, easy storage in an archive);
  • environmentally friendly (minimizing the use of paper).

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