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Electronic Document Workflow Pricing

The basic model of work with Flexi Workflow is based on cloud access to the system. In this model, the Client pays for system implementation (one-off configuration fee) and for access (monthly subscription).

Prices are always fixed on an individual basis, following a review of the Client’s needs. The final price of our system is based on, among others:

Total cost of an Electronic Document Workflow system depends on the settings needed to meet the Client’s expectations as to customized features tailored to their individual needs.

  • Electronic Document Workflow System pricesComplexity of the sign-off workflow used by the Client.
  • Complexity of the cost centers/tags/accounts structure.
  • Whether the system should be integrated with the accounting system at the database or at the file level.
  • Modules to be used by the Client.
  • Volume of documents added per month.
  • Expected number of system users.
  • How well the Client knows these details and can supply relevant documents, and to what extent rules and content will be created in the course of the Electronic Document Workflow System implementation.

Based on the above data we prepare individual system quotations.

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