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FlexiSolutions - Flexi Workflow System (EDW)

Flexi Workflow offers completely separate payment workflow, which has no impact on booking process and document verification. It is possible to set the payment workflow in the system, regardless of accounting documents workflow, so that both processes do not interrupt each other and work parallelly.

Payments module in Flexi Workflow system

After authorization of payment, there is an option to pay for an invoice, which has not been posted yet, or withhold the payment of posted invoice, due to individual approach to a Client. Analogously to accounting document workflow, the payment workflow gives a broad possibility to extend the steps and paths of acceptance of people who participated in. The opportunity to track the status of the payment by a Client is also a significant advantage of the system. In addition, it is easy to obtain feedback about the stage of processing of the invoice, whether the transfer is made and by whom, whether the payment is made or whether it is withheld and by whom.

There is a possibility to export data from Flexi to another file with a proper extension, which allows the user to upload the accepted  payments from a bank.

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