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FlexiSolutions - Flexi Workflow System (EDW)

Workflow based on paper documentation makes documents approval process prolonged. There is a risk that invoices will not be delivered to the accounting team on time, which may be associated with the risk of interest accrued or inability to deduct VAT at the earliest possible period. What is more, the company does not have specific data needed for management and reporting purposes, as unregistered invoices are kept by employees. All cases requiring consultation between employees or the need for urgent action (e.g. suspension of payments or exceptional immediate payment) require additional activity such as sending emails or phone calls. Facility system successfully eliminates all above-mentioned inefficiencies.

Purchase invoice module in Flexi Workflow system

In traditional document workflow purchase invoices are passed in "hand to hand" way between employees, who are responsible for accepting and coding documents for appropriate qualification of costs. During this process, employees can assign them to the appropriate cost center, project numbers, or other classifying tags used in the organization for the purpose of controlling department. Besides, there could be description or comments that affects on the final document settlement (the information in the standard paper documents workflow is usually on the big stamp on the reverse of the invoice and is sometimes illegible). Nevertheless, this information can be collected in a simple way in the system and it avoids the manual signatures submitted for approval purposes. The system allows to implement comprehensive policies and procedures for acceptance of e-documents. After the whole workflow process, invoices are sent to the accounting team.

Flexi Workflow gives an opportunity to:

  • build flexibly tracks for the circulation of documents,
  • create multiple levels of acceptation,
  • implement well-defined conditions which determine workflow.

A goode example of the implementation of the conditions in workflow may be cost center code used in organization or any marker or classifier which is used for the allocation of costs within the company.

The system can be customized to each client. Other examples of such variables may be the amounts, const center, date, name of the contractor or other concerned included in the system. Flexi Workflow enables to set unlimited number of validation levels during implementation stage. For each stage of the approval it is possible to assign one employee or group of employees.

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