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FlexiSolutions - Flexi Workflow System (EDW)

MDDP Outsourcing's Flexi Workflow system suggests a comprehensive approach to the process of purchasing in the company: the creation of the purchase order, the verification of the purchase order with the invoice, along with a parallel and independent workflow payments (all these operations are done in one system, till the implementation of the payment). Purchase Orders module is integrated with other elements of the system, thereby it eliminate duplicate data entries. Moreover, the intuitive operation makes the system more user-friendly.

Purchase orders module in Flexi Workflow system

Flexi Workflow allows you to create an electronic Purchase Order (each PO model can be adapted to the individual needs). Each order may be connected with the invoices and approved in a multistage way. PO workflow’s configuration is similar to the configuration of workflow of invoices.

The wide range of the configuration of the path of acceptance and the free amounts of steps of approval are adjusted to Client’s requirements.

The advantages of using the Payment Order Module as an effective support to controlling purchases in the organization:

  • creating electronic orders in the system and their specific paths of acceptance before the invoice from the supplier is received;
  • reporting the purchasing needs in one place, which gives wide possibilities of their further analysis, forecasting and controlling the expenses before they arise;
  • sending approved orders to the suppliers;
  • automatic checking of the invoice compliance with the order (after receiving the goods / services), and informing the right people about the outcome;
  • creating cyclical or budget orders - after the approval of the budget all invoices within the budget may be approved (regardless of the quantity);
  • checking and controlling percentage or value variance of the invoice value from the value of the orders;
  • effective document management - tracking the statuses to be able to check where  the document is at any time.


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