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FlexiSolutions - Flexi Workflow System (EDW)

Technology and security of Flexi Workflow system

Flexi Workflow provides a convenient and intuitive access to the data using the most popular Internet browsers, which makes it possible to use the system on-line from literally anywhere in the world.

The use of Web technology in the system eliminates the installation of any software by the Clients during the implementation stage. Flexi system security is provided via an encrypted connection. Communication between the server and logging-in user is similar to e-banking.

In addition:

  • users’ passwords are subject to certain complex rules which require periodic changes,
  • all possible attempts of cracking are decreased by blocking users’ accounts after 3 failed logins,
  • all attempts to log on to the application are saved along with the computer IP address.

Furthermore, the application was tested against threats of SQL Injection and XSS. Flexi system provides secure access to documents at the level of MDDP Outsourcing customer and its employees - with widely expanded permissions.


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