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FlexiSolutions - Flexi Workflow System (EDW)

Flexi Workflow – Electronic Document Workflow (EDW)

Flexi Workflow – Electronic Document Workflow is a system developed by a team of experts from MDDP Outsourcing. The combined knowledge of employees with ACCA qualifications, expert auditors, tax consultants and software engineers implementing systems supporting document workflows allowed us to build a specialized document workflow system, designed to handle financial and accounting processes.

Electronic Documents Workflow improves accounting processes of your company

Unlike most workflow systems available on the Polish market, which are "universal" or "easy to adapt" to the needs of accountants, Flexi Workflow Electronic Document Workflow allows for classifying documents in terms of VAT and CIT, among others, and a complete account assignment by recording the full reconciliation history and through the integration with financial and accounting systems. At the same time it utilizes the best features of workflow systems (EDW) – automated transfer (in accordance with properly configured rules of the organization) of documents, information or tasks between the participants of the process, which greatly improves work and communication during invoice processing.

Who is it for?

Flexi Workflow Electronic Document Workflow system is directed to MDDP Outsourcing Clients who use our accounting services, as well as to Clients who have their own accounting department but would like their company to use an advanced Electronic Document Workflow, which will streamline processes and automate accounting. Our EDW system is available both as a service in the cloud and as an individual installation on the Client's server.

Flexi Workflow will be of particular interest to:

| companies with a distributed geographic structure – thanks to the Flexi Workflow system, the information flow will significantly speed up by eliminating the transfer of paper documents between the branches and the headquarters

| multi-companies – thanks to the Flexi EDW, the rules of document workflow throughout the organization will be standardized, control of all workflows in one place will be easier, and decision makers will be able to view and analyze data from all entities with a single sign-in

| companies with high control requirements – thanks to Electronic Document Workflow, post-factum controls will be replaced by preventive controls, and post-factum controls will significantly improve as well

| companies using purchase orders – thanks to automating the process between the purchase order and the purchase invoice in the system, administrative work will be limited. Invoices in accordance with the orders will be accepted by the workflow automatically, without the need for human intervention. Rules embedded in the system will | make sure that invoices are in accordance with the orders

| companies that require a fast month-end closing – Flexi EDW speeds up document workflow in the company from about a dozen to a few days. It makes it possible to create accruals for rejected invoices and orders automatically – each document at the moment of its arrival at the organization is scanned and recorded in the system, which allows for full control over documentation

| companies that care about account assignment at the level of substantive document approval – Flexi Workflow allows for an intuitive, multi-dimensional account assignment of documents, divided into cost centers, projects, etc. Using the convenient features, every employee in charge of document approval in the system can make such classification


Main features of the workflow system:

  • Full digitization of paper invoices and convenience of working with electronic documents
  • Advanced accounting and tax features, tailored specifically to work in an accounting department
  • The possibility of creating a complete and comprehensive division of responsibilities across the system
  • Creating flexible and automated document workflow paths
  • Key control features
  • No need to install (document workflow program available online in a browser)
  • Intuitive to use - clear user interface
  • Access to data online 24/7
  • Complete data security guaranteed
  • Keeping the full history of each document in one place in the system

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