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The development process of every company involves the implementation of new standards, procedures, and administration duties the fulfillment of which can be frustrating for the employees. Employees might be disappointed with the duration and the method in which they need to perform their tasks or gather information important to them.

Individual elements of required data can be usually found in various forms in many systems and in different parts of the organization – in the HR department, the administrative department, kept by the superior. Very often, it can be tedious to just browse the history or check the status of matters and it can require a phone, e-mail, or even personal contact.

However, the employees should be allowed to perform their work in the simplest possible way, so that they can use their freedom and feel comfortable just as if they were to make a purchase through an online shop.

System of employee documentation

The FlexiHRM Employee Platform is a solution that allows employee to handle their issues in one place. Scans of documents, electronic forms, workflow-based approval processes, and messages are delivered directly to the employees. The functions of the system are available through a web browser, at any time, and in any location.

The FlexiHRM system is offered to you both as a part of the personnel and payroll services ordered from MDDP Outsourcing as well as in a situation in which you have your own teams that handle employees’ issues. Our platform is provided as a cloud service or in form of an individual installation on your server.

The main functions of the FlexiHRM platform include, among others,

  • E-files
  • handling of employee-related issues (benefits, training, other individual issues) with history and status,
  • electronic holiday request forms,
  • archive of patterns (templates) of company documents,
  • usage in the SAAS model,
  • access through a web browser,
  • a 24/7 access to the employee platform,
  • two-part authorization, which constitutes another layer of protection against access to data.

The FlexiHRM platform uses electronic forms that replace printed equivalents. Thanks to the platform, the circulation of correspondence and documents is much faster; it is possible to know their history, status, and the person responsible for a particular document at a particular time.

The platform also facilitates making the rules of document workflow uniform for the whole organization; it also allows control over the status of issues in one place.

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