The enova365 HR and payroll system

The core HR and payroll software we use and make available to our Customers is enova365. We provide it with a number of addons expanding standard functionality.

The enova365 HR and payroll system


Establishing and running a successful cooperation between the outsourcer and the Customer largely depends on an accurately conducted implementation that is preceded by knowing the needs and the specific character of the enterprise. Thus, when we start to cooperate with a customer, we agree, among others, on the flow of processes, the resulting split of tasks and roles, obligations and deadlines. The scope and manner of use of systems and IT tools is a correlated issue. After the analysis of needs and the specific nature of activities of each Customer, we recommend an optimum cooperation model, i.e. what tasks and functions will be implemented in the Customer’s systems and the HR system of MDDP. As a result (through a cooperation model), we decide on the selection and configuration of proper components (modules of the enova365 system) and functions supporting the Customer’s business processes and needs that we then provide to the target users.

The access to enova365 functions depends on the elaborated preferred cooperation model: In particular, Customers can get access to the system in “view only” mode and, as a result they can:

  • keep track of payroll calculation and analyze the results of calculated remunerations
  • browse evidence and contact details of employees
  • generate reports
  • monitor the validity of HR documents
  • work on work schedules

Or, without any limitations, use all the available functions (specified above and granted as part of authorizations), including entering address and evidence data, creating work contracts etc..

If you are interested in personnel and payroll services, contact our experts at our MDDP Outsourcing accounting offices in Katowice and Warsaw.