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Changes in income taxes come into force in 2019
New regulations regarding income taxes will come into force more


Our main goal is to deliver high quality bookkeeping and payroll services to our Clients at reasonable cost. Through years we have developed methodological solutions, which allow us providing high quality services, with added value, meeting strict deadlines. Their main elements are:

- we always cooperate with Client based on Team Leader, who is experienced person, focusing all aspects of MDDP Outsourcing services in one hands, and communicating those to Client. Every Client, besides direct contact to Team Leader, receives dedicated email address, where whole correspondence should be delivered. This address is available to whole team responsible for services delivered to Client, thus there is no risk that absence of one team member will stop work of the whole team,

- services provided are not delivered by accounting team responsible for every aspect of cooperation, but by teams of experts responsible for their fields of expertise. It means that payments are performed by different employees than those preparing tax returns, which are done by different experts than those preparing financial statements. No one might be expert in all fields, and good accounting or payroll services are, in our opinion, those which combine expertise in many fields,

- data security of our Clients is import ant aspect of our work. In this respect we take care both on data backups, using encryption software, or one protecting from mass data leakage, safety zones in our office, archiving procedures, data access procedures, etc. We take care even of such nuances as archiving all documents in 24h since delivery or outgoing email controls,

- cost reduction of accounting or payroll department are often key indicator to use outsourcing services. We constantly modify our operational procedures, usage of IT solutions, in order to, at the same high quality of accounting and payroll services, be able to provide offer interesting from financial point of view,

- we always trying hard to generate addend value for our Clients beyond bookkeeping and payroll services that we provide. Due to this fact we develop new methods of cooperation and new tools, which support our Clients in their activities, and are far more than accounting or payroll. Such solutions are workflow system, online purchase orders solution, or online holiday requests,

Regardless of methodological solutions which are delivered for every Client, we offer accounting and payroll solutions dedicated to Clients that have their internal accounting and payroll divisions. Those solutions, like workflow or payroll solution may support those internal divisions without the need to outsource whole accounting or payroll function.