Accounting for companies listed on the NewConnect market

Issuers on NewConnect are mostly small and medium-sized joint-stock companies that intend to obtain financing of even tens of millions of zlotys. Entering the NC involves less duties than the WSE. However, such companies must be aware, among others, of the obligation to report their financial data.

For most companies (more precisely, for their internal accounting departments or contracted accounting offices), those are completely new areas of responsibility in which they lack of proper experience. This leads both to difficulties in reporting reliable data on time, as well as to many problems regarding internal organization.

Some companies decide to establish their own reporting departments – others seek for specialist solutions. At MDDP Outsourcing, we have the experience that we find particularly useful in the case of cooperation with companies listed on NewConnect.

Services for companies listed on NC

The team of MDDP Outsourcing has practical experience in reporting on the WSE, NewConnect, and indirectly on other global stock exchanges. A total of over 170 specialists guarantees that the scale of your operations does not and will never exceed our operating capabilities.

Throughout the recent years, we have often implemented new accounting systems for our customers – those included both our proprietary solutions as well as third-party systems available on the market. This allows us to plan the optimization of processes, which frequently proves useful in the case of companies already noted on or intending to enter the WSE.

We also stand out thanks to great experience in handling of accounting in favor of companies with international capital. Such companies are exceptionally demanding both in terms of quality as well as of timeliness and organization of work. Many of our customers are also companies operating within a group and in such cases we developed dedicated processes, procedures and tools that satisfy they needs,

We believe that our experience translates into high-quality accounting services for companies listed on the NewConnect stock exchange. Such services include, among others:

  • accounts management (with the customer’s or our system),
  • provision of personnel and payroll services,
  • management reporting,
  • remote access to documents, invoices and reports,
  • services for financial audits and fiscal audits.

Electronic documents workflow

Companies listed at the New Connect market, thanks to the convenience of a remote access to the system, can achieve a lot by implementing the electronic workflow of documents. Such a solution accelerates and seals activities connected with the processing of accounting documents, ensuring, at the same time, transparency of conducted actions.

The application of the system is possible for you both as a part of comprehensive accounting services of MDDP Outsourcing, as well as a tool for your own accounting department.

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