HR & Payroll for production companies

HR matters in production are only seemingly of secondary importance. Responsible managers have to react to unplanned situations and take actions to protect the business, as well as plan growth. The constantly changing business environment forces both tactical (overnight) and strategic decisions to solve potential problems in the long run. In order to maintain an appropriate level of orders or to ensure the continuity of deliveries despite fluctuating exchange rates and restrictions in logistics, it is crucial to ensure the continuity of staffing.

For years, we have been cooperating with partners from HR departments who deal with ensuring the stability of employment on a daily basis. Together, we plan the consequences of their decisions, such as:

  • readiness for mass employment of workers as a result of transfers from temporary employment agencies to employment contracts
  • calculation of salaries and ZUS contributions (and other charges) in the case of employing employees, including foreigners, not only from neighbouring countries, but also from around the world,
  • consulting, calculating salaries and ZUS contributions for salaries expressed in currencies or in net value in the case of employing short- and long-term transfers of experts-foreigners within a corporation,
  • calculation of remuneration according to various forms of employment and their settlement: contracts, employment contracts, mandate contracts, monthly and hourly rates.
  • settlement of bonuses to remuneration in accordance with the adopted work organization, e.g., in a shift or continuous movement (brigade)
  • payment of overtime as a result of scheduling and settlement of working time
  • settlement of incentive benefits: non-smoking, private use of company cars and non-wage benefits, such as medical care, sports cards, etc.
  • settlement of bonuses, allowances (e.g., for work on holidays or weekends, housing, commuting)

Having experience in cooperation with contractors from industries such as: food, wood, pharmaceutical and construction, we understand perfectly that the HR and payroll challenges of a production and industrial companies are different from those encountered, for example, in the service industry or companies from the financial sector. In production plants, it is extremely important to support processes where HR and production tasks meet, e.g., monitoring the available number of employees on a given day and cooperation with production managers on updating current work schedules.

In addition to comprehensive HR and payroll services, we at MDDP Outsourcing also offer production companies:

  • tax consultancy
  • HR systems in the cloud (Online HR & payroll) including work scheduling functionality and employee portal
  • reporting of labour costs, also for budgeting purposes
  • systems for budgeting labour costs
  • accounting services for production companies

The level of integration of application systems among our clients is also of fundamental importance. Production companies have often made investments in the implementation of ERP systems that cover production, accounting, sales, and HR tasks with their functionalities. They are also often integrated with specialized systems for scheduling working time, RCP, and employee portals, including the so-called kiosks at production halls.

Therefore, we at MDDP Outsourcing have prepared various models of client service in our offer:

  • working in the client’s environment (on the client’s systems), which avoids disintegration of the systems (or building new interfaces), and potentially supplements them with domain-specific solutions, e.g. e-files, employee portal.
  • using optimized MDDP Outsourcing solutions based on the following systems: enova365, FlexiHRM, Microsoft Sharepoint.

Online access to data and systems

Each of our clients can use remote access to the software we offer thanks to our Online HR & Payroll package.

Benefits and possibilities of the Online HR & Payroll system:

  • We provide the HR system. We provide HR employees with access to an overview of all data and functionalities that enable the generation of a report. If the cooperation model preferred by our clients assumes the independent performance of HR tasks by them and entrusting us with payroll tasks, we prepare a system for independent performance of HR tasks and operations by the client’s employees directly in our system.
  • Our clients can also remotely and on an ongoing basis use personal files in electronic form, the so-called e-files. In the 24/7 mode, from any location, you can search on the basis of many criteria (including metadata), view, print, generate the contents of the selected personal file to PDF. There are different views available for browsing: tabular for spreadsheet enthusiasts and in a tree structure for those who prefer the traditional folder layout.
  • Online HR & Payroll is also the possibility of electronic submission and acceptance of vacation applications. In this way, we eliminate the circulation of paper documents, shorten the time of accepting a vacation application, and speed up the provision of information (each employee has access to their vacation balances and each supervisor can track the use of their subordinates’ leaves on an ongoing basis).
  • As part of the Online HR & Payroll package, we also provide an employee portal. Each of the employees can submit the above-mentioned leave applications, view their data, receive PIT documents, or payslips. Thanks to this, we minimize the working time devoted to administrative service of employees, while increasing their comfort of access to their own HR documents.

Benefits of outsourcing HR & payroll in a production company

At a time when HR teams are struggling with a difficult labor market, outsourcing can be a good solution to stabilize issues related to the calculation of salaries and HR administration. By using outsourcing, HR department employees can free up the time necessary to deal with HR issues of fundamental importance for their companies. Regardless of the specificity of production, MDDP Outsourcing provides services in a high time regime and adheres to high-quality standards.

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