Support in Alleviating the Negative Impact of the Pandemic

To effectively support your business in alleviating the negative impact of COVID-19, our experts will help you find out about the available forms of aid offered as part of the financial tools for businesses.

This support includes the following services:

  • analysis of the business’s situation in terms of meeting the criteria for obtaining funds under the Anti-Crisis Shield;
  • assistance in choosing the optimal variants of anti-crisis aid (also in terms of the possibility of combining its various forms);
  • reports to facilitate accounting for the subsidies obtained to reduce the negative impact of COVID-19.

Anti-Crisis and Financial Shield – applications for subsidies

In order to take advantage of the forms of aid available for businesses, it will be necessary to go through the formalities associated with applying for subsidies for your enterprise. Based on our clients’ experience, we know that getting through this process on one’s own may be very troublesome, and therefore you can rely on the support of MDDP Outsourcing experts in the submission of applications for:

  • subsidies for the remuneration of employees affected by economic downtime;
  • subsidies for the remuneration of employees affected by a reduced working time;
  • subsidies for jobs paid by the district executive (starosta);
  • the idle time benefit for persons hired under a service contract, self-employed persons and persons performing contracts for a specific work;
  • extended deadlines for the payment of PIT tax advances;
  • exemption or partial exemption from social security contributions of entities employing no more than 49 persons;
  • extended deadlines for the payment of taxes and social security contributions;
  • a loan from the Labour Fund for micro-entrepreneurs;
  • a subsidy from the Polish Development Fund (PFR) for businesses from the SME sector and capital support for large enterprises.

Accounting for the subsidies received under the Shield

Businesses that have used or still intend to use the forms of funding available under the Shield have to bear in mind that the funds obtained in this way should be conscientiously and reliably accounted for. This will let them avoid the risk of unnecessary complications in the event of an audit by the Tax Office.

Therefore, the services of MDDP Outsourcing include not only assistance in obtaining funds from the available aid sources but also preparation of the necessary reports to account for the subsidies received under the Anti-Crisis Shield or the Financial Shield.

We encourage you to use the services of our experts in MDDP offices in Warsaw and Katowice.

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