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Accounting services for fast-growing companies

The majority of our current customers, and companies which contact us, use services provided by accounting offices.

A fair number of these, despite being relatively satisfied with the service they get, in the early phase of collaboration (after half a year, one year, two years ), gradually realize that they have already reach a level beyond the capabilities of their accounting office, and begin searching for a new one.

It is for these fast-growing companies that our offer is intended, because:

  • We are one of the largest providers of accounting services on the Polish market - we currently employ over 130 people, and there are few entities which are beyond our service capabilities due to their size
  • We have been active on the market for more than ten years, constantly improving, our processes, procedures, and investing in our IT systems
  • We have modern and scalable IT tools, which can be used by our Clients at various stages of development, regardless of whether they have 20 or 20 000 invoices per month
For dynamically developing companies we direct the whole range of our services, including:
  • Accounting services
  • Payroll and HR Services
  • Remote access to accounting systems, electronic documents flow, E-briefcases, etc.
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Accounting and tax consultancy


MDDP Outsourcing qualified expert for fast-growing companies is:

Accounting services for fast-growing companies | MDDP Outsourcing - Agnieszka Tyczyńska-Osińska
Agnieszka Tyczyńska-Osińska

Senior Manager | (22) 351 13 02

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