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Accounting services for real estate companies

Today, real estate companies face many issues – strategic planning, budgeting, efficiency, tax, statutory and management reporting.

All those activities have correlation with bookkeeping. Today, accounting services should not only be reliable, but also effective, address issues fast, support business processes.

Accounting services for real estate companies in Poland

At MDDP Outsourcing, our member of Real Estate team have broad practical experience gained thorough active participation in many transactions. We provide accounting services for companies representing different areas of real estate – shopping malls, office buildings, student residence halls, special purpose vehicles, entities financing investments in real estate. We provide accounting services both for properties under construction as well as completed ones. Independently from this is large estates or small rental business, each project is taken care with proper attention.

Each project is analyzed by many specialist – starting from accountants, through tax advisors, ending on lawyers. The purpose is to provide services that will meet Client expectations.

MDDP Outsourcing provides below listed services for estate owners, developers, investment funds and other companies from real estate sector:

  • accounting services, payroll services, tax advisory, due diligence,
  • divisions, mergers, transformations, contributions in kind, sales of shares, stock market entries, bonds issuance,
  • settlement of transaction typical for the sector:
  • linear approach to rental income,
  • complete identification of temporary differences between the book value and tax value of the property,
  • settlement of property value increases as a result of completed investments,
  • property valuation to the fair value of the property,
  • settlement of idle periods,
  • rental guarantee,
  • NOI guarantee,
  • settlement of rent incentives,
  • cost of premises facility,
  • renewal of the lease,
  • right to the lease and rental,
  • valuation of financing (loans and borrowings) with effective interest rate (adjusted purchase price),
  • preparation of reports related to company financing to banks,
  • covenant calculations,
  • posting costs, including service charges,
  • reporting on the cost of real estate construction vs budget,
  • preparation of property tax declarations, applications for certificates on lack of tax arrears,
  • issuing invoices, re-invoicing, distributing invoices to tenants,
  • reporting system where you can online approve invoices / view reports with useful functionality,
  • electronic workflow, online access to data, reports,
  • budgeting, management reporting, group reporting (Hyperion, Mona Group Reporting, FlexiReporting), stock exchange reporting,
  • stock counts


MDDP Outsourcing qualified expert for Real Estate sector is:

Accounting services for real estate companies | MDDP Outsourcing - Agnieszka Tyczyńska-Osińska
Agnieszka Tyczyńska-Osińska

Senior Manager | (22) 351 13 02

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