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Accounting services for starting business in Poland

Companies starting business activity in Poland are often very well prepared to develop fast in terms of business operations, however do not have proper resources to meet all formal and legal requirements.

On the other hand, those companies have to report to mother entities, prepare tax reporting, pay invoices, etc. - since day one.

Accounting services for companies starting business in Poland

At MDDP Outsourcing we are aware that for such entities it is key to be fully compliant with local regulations, involving operational resources as little as possible. It’s not easy, in particular because of often changes in regulations as well as more and more restrictive requirements. Only in last couple of years there were major obligations put on entities in Poland – SAF-T reporting, electronic financial statements, split payments or changing at the same time many VAT, CIT and other regulations. For most companies starting their business activity in Poland, finding in such jungle of requirements having in the same time effective mother entity reporting to mother entity – is very demanding, if not impossible task.

Reporting to mother entity, with detailed explanation of group vs local reporting differences, is also key requirement. It’s obvious that providing such services we communicate with our Clients in English.

Foreign entities and their subsidiaries and branches in Poland

For our Clients, starting their business activity in Poland, we provide following accounting services:

  • accounting services compliant with Polish regulations, including specific issues for companies with mother entity abroad:
    • mother entity reporting, under IFRS, US GAAP, etc.
    • mapping group and statutory chart of accounts and reporting
    • full identification and explanation of statutory vs group reporting
    • preparation of data and reports for consolidation purposes
    • creation of bilingual chart of accounts (Polish-English)
    • preparation of bilingual transaction descriptions (Polish-English)
  • payroll services
  • accounting services based on Client system
  • issuing sales invoices, together with paper or electronic distribution to clients
  • payments input
  • electronic workflow system (also bilingual, Polish-English)
  • redirection of document flow at MDDP Outsourcing address
  • handling audit at MDDP Outsourcing seat


MDDP Outsourcing qualified expert for international companies starting business activity in Poland is:

Accounting services for starting business in Poland | MDDP Outsourcing - Rafał Michniewicz
Rafał Michniewicz

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