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VAT, CIT, statutory compliance services in Poland

Companies starting business activity in Poland have to follow local regulations.

Some choose to outsource accounting, payroll and tax processes, other choose to split the process between group and local part. There are two main models:

1) Company provides group data, based on which local data is prepared

2) Local partner provides local data, based on which group data is prepared

Solution 2) is equal or very close to full outsourcing.

Solution 1) has many submodels, however many of them consist of:

  • tax compliance (most often VAT and CIT)
  • statutory (most often preparation of financial statements)


VAT, CIT, statutory compliance services at MDDP Outsourcing


In MDDP Outsourcing we cooperate with clients based on various models – also providing compliance in terms of VAT, CIT, or statutory compliance based on group data. We offer:

  • full reconciliation between local (Polish) and Group data
  • signing all relevant VAT, CIT declarations
  • preparation of financial statements
  • fluent English speaking professionals
  • advisory in terms of compliance requirements in Poland


MDDP Outsourcing qualified expert for VAT, CIT, statutory compliance services is:

VAT, CIT, statutory compliance services in Poland | MDDP Outsourcing - Michał Stanioszczyk
Michał Stanioszczyk

Manager | (22) 351 13 45

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