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Barbara Kochańska-Mierzejewska

Manager w MDDP Outsourcing

Barbara Kochańska-Mierzejewska - Payrol Manager MDDP OutsourcingThe dynamically changing business environment and the increasing degree of complexity of individual areas of law force enterprises to increase their expenses for legal, tax, accounting and HR and payroll services. An additional problem may be the difficulty in assessing the qualifications of the personnel entrusted with the administration of the above areas.

Outsourcing does not only redue the costs of business, it also improves the quality of the organization. Due to economies of scale, outsourcing service providers profit from investing in modern technologies as well as employing and constantly training staff with the highest qualifications in areas that in other enterprises are not considered key to success.

Our extensive experience, gained through the implementation of many various projects, constantly raised knowledge and developed know-how, is an added value for our customers who can use our team’s high expertise and advanced IT tools without having to incur large financial outlays.

But knowledge and skills are not everything. We try to build partner relationships with our clients and support them comprehensively, flexibly adjusting the scope of our services to the specificity of a given company and its needs.