Grażyna Wojciechowska Manager - Manager w MDDP Outsourcing
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Grażyna Wojciechowska Manager

Manager in MDDP Outsourcing

I have been involved in accounting for many years, including in particular in international capital groups and outsourcing companies. I provide accounting for companies from many industries, including in particular for real estate and IT companies. The knowledge derived from project experience allows me to effectively and comprehensively manage accounting processes. I don’t stop at using the methods I know, but I also look for better alternative solutions.

Completing studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Finance and Accounting (master’s degree) and the Certificate of the Ministry of Finance authorising me to provide accounting services allow me to fully pursue my professional passion.

At MDDP Outsourcing, I manage an accounting team that is responsible for real estate companies belonging to large international capital groups.

My professional goal is to maintain a high standard of accounting services. I try to keep up with regulations, thanks to which I ensure the safety of our clients’ operations and support them in every phase of cooperation. I treat each client individually and propose solutions that meet their needs.

For me, the responsibility our work requires means the obligation to take care of the needs of the client and his organization. I appreciate the work and contribution of each team member in fulfilling this obligation, because I care about an individual and flexible approach to each client.