Luneos Green Energy Sp. z o.o.

On behalf of Luneos Green Energy Sp. z o.o. that is engaged in the development of the project portfolio within the scope of renewable sources of energy, we would like to confirm the reliability and credibility of MDDP Outsourcing and, at the same time, recommend its professional services.

We have been cooperating with MDDP Outsourcing since 2021 and find the received accounting services to be of the highest quality. It includes the ongoing tax and accounting management, support in preparation of financial statements, as well as handling of payments made for the needs of our companies. MDDP Outsourcing fulfils its obligations in a duly and timely manner. It is characterized by great flexibility, professionalism and comprehensive approach towards any entrusted tasks.

From the very beginning, the company cared for the high quality of provided services and mutual relations. Thanks to the good workflow and the noticeable individual approach towards our company, we are convinced as to the professional accounting services we receive.

We have the pleasure to recommend MDDP Outsourcing as a reliable specialist in its field and a trustworthy business partner.