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Payroll & HR services

Calculation of salaries is one of those business areas which are most frequently outsourced to external entities.

Payroll outsourcing brings measurable financial benefits to companies, e.g. allowing them to reduce costs in a simple way. It also indirectly lowers overhead costs of maintaining jobs and IT infrastructures required to calculate remunerations in a continuous and timely manner. An additional benefit of outsourcing human resources and payroll functions to an external service provider is a guarantee of complete security of payroll information and keeping it confidential within the company.

MDDP Outsourcing payroll services

MDDP Outsourcing provides a full range of services usually classified as human resources and payroll outsourcing that encompasses services ranging from recruitment process support, ongoing HR management to calculation of salaries to final payroll settlement and statutory reporting duties.

The key components of MDDP Outsourcing payroll services are:

  • Complete payroll management
  • Complete HR administration Preparation of tax returns, statements and reports for Social Security Office (ZUS), TAX Office (US), Central Statistical Office (GUS), State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People (PFRON) compliant with the requirements of Polish law.
  • Drawing up reports addressing individual needs of Customers.
  • Representing our Customers during official inspections that are handled by our specialists, at our offices, with minimum involvement of our Customer’s personnel.
  • Reviewing and auditing the procedures and results of payroll calculation for compliance with relevant work contracts, applicable regulations, and legal provisions.

As a provider of human resources and payroll services we also make sure that salaries are calculated lawfully, and with that end in mind we keep expanding our knowledge and developing our competences. This know-how is made available to our Customers when services are provided, so it does not need to be acquired or maintained by training your own staff.

Our human resources and payroll services are dedicated to companies:

| seeking access to best practice HR applications: Flexi HRM - Employee portal, workflow for approving leave requests, electronic documents

| looking for solutions that would give their employees access to necessary data bypassing HR staff thanks to self-service applications

| valuing timeliness and efficient handling of formalities

| being in a need of assistance in developing HR solutions (processes) going beyond calculation of salaries

| employing numerous foreign staff / delegating personnel abroad

Payroll services cooperation model

Among our Customers there are some that draw up HR documents themselves whereas MDDP Outsourcing is responsible for reporting employees and their family members to ZUS. Another possible distribution of responsibilities under which HR staff prepare application documents for ZUS, whereas MDDP Outsourcing handles payroll calculation. Personal data included in contracts and remuneration rates can be submitted by the Customer as well, which is common especially where the service is provided using Customer’s own system.

Some Customers entrust us with drawing up HR documents, e.g. employment (work) contracts, employment certificates, annexes to contracts, certificates and employment records, as well as entering HR data to their system. In such a case it is MDDP Outsourcing that simultaneously monitors expiry dates of temporary contracts, validity of employee health and safety certificates and medical examinations, issuing referrals for pre-employment and periodic health examinations.

The list of our services close one-off services such as: reviews of personal files or drawing up staff handbooks, remuneration rules, bonus policies, Company Social Benefit Fund regulations.


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