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High-quality HR and payroll services are one of the key factors that determine efficient operations of an enterprise by establishing clear, stable conditions that favor development and expansion. A functional personnel and payroll system that acknowledges employees’ needs as well as guidelines regarding the protection of personal data also has an influence on the satisfaction of employed specialists and may have an impact on their motivation and loyalty towards their employer.

MDDP Outsourcing offers HR and payroll services for companies and enterprises

Due to frequent changes in the provisions of labor law or regulations concerning social securities and Personal Income Tax, a number of aspects that are subject to constant updates very often are beyond the capabilities of internal teams of an enterprise. An additional advantage in favor of choosing the outsourcing of HR & payroll functions is the guarantee of complete sealing of flow of information with regard to calculation of remunerations and keeping it confidential within the company.

Personnel and payroll services for business

MDDP Outsourcing offers you a full range of personnel and payroll services, starting from support in employing an employee, preparation of documents and ongoing personnel services, calculation of remuneration, to the final settlement of the payroll and reporting.

As the supplier of the highest quality services in the area of HR and payroll, we ensure that calculation of remunerations and management of employee records is performed in accordance with regulations. Thus, we keep expanding our knowledge and skills. As a part of the service, we share that knowledge with you so that you do not have to acquire or update it on your own by training your own personnel. Thanks to the knowledge and practical experience of our experts, we efficiently support both domestic companies as well as those with foreign capital; we offer services in English.

The HR and payroll outsourcing offered by MDDP Outsourcing covers, among others:

  • management of employee personal records (including employee e-files),
  • calculation of remuneration (including salaries of management staff),
  • comprehensive personnel administration,
  • generation of documents concerning employees’ social insurance and health insurance,
  • generation of social insurance statements and sending them to the Social Insurance Institution, management of statements regarding the State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People, preparation of annual information and tax declarations,
  • preparation of statistical reports required by regulations of labor law,
  • reviews of personnel processes and results of calculations of remuneration for their compliance with concluded contracts and applicable rules and regulations of law,
  • preparation of the company for audits of the National Labor Inspectorate, Social Insurance Institution, or Tax Office.

Personnel documentation handled by experts

As a part of personnel and payroll outsourcing services, we maintain HR documentation and personal files of the employees in accordance with the current regulations of law. We handle contracts of employment, civil law agreements, piecework agreements, and managerial contracts. We settle holidays, monitor validity of periodic health examinations and OH&S training, conduct activities connected with expiry and dissolution of employment, prepare statements on wages and certificates of employment.

We generate documentation connected with submitting employees for social and health insurance and had it over to the Social Insurance Institution. We prepare and send State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People declarations and submit data on employment that are necessary for reviews of the Central Statistical Office. Regular monitoring of regulations of law helps us quickly address any changes, which eliminates the risk of irregularities and defaults.

Comprehensive remuneration management – flawless thanks to automation

In order to address your expectations, we also offer services connected with a calculation of remunerations for persons employed under contracts of employment, civil law agreements, piecework agreements, and managerial contracts. We also prepare payroll calculations for non-residents and generate periodic reports and payroll listings.

In the case of companies that use external personnel and payroll services, we offer reviews of wages calculations for their compliance with concluded contracts, applicable rules, and regulations of law. Thanks to advanced IT systems, we eliminate the risk of human factor errors, ensuring the correctness of settlements and quick access to data through auxiliary systems (e-files, e-leaves) that we create and develop.

As complementation of services by accounting office MDDP Outsourcing, we offer you support in preparing for inspections performed by the National Labor Inspectorate, Social Insurance Institution, and Tax Office. We deliver necessary documentation, assess potential areas of risk, and indicate optimum solutions. We can also review documentation in the personal files of your employees and organize it according to applicable regulations and instructions.  

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our offer, we highly encourage you to contact us or one of our stationary accounting offices: in Warsaw (Mazovian District) or in Katowice (Silesian District).

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