Transfer Pricing in Poland

Transfer pricing is one of the most important legal and tax areas that one needs to pay attention in transactions concluded between related entities.

According to the general rule – transfer pricing i.e., the conditions of the transaction, should be determined in line with the arm’s length principle, namely at a level that would be mutually agreed on between unrelated parties.

That is why it is very important to establish the conditions of the transaction on market terms already during its planning phase. Especially due to the fact that some of them might require fulfilling statutory obligations within the scope of transfer pricing. The strict regulations and continuous economic and business changes most certainly do not make that task easier for the taxpayers.

According to our observations and the statistics published by the Ministry of Finance, the interest of tax authorities in this matter is constantly growing. All the more so because they have effective tools to select entities for inspection and verification of prices used on the market.

One should bear in mind that the possible inspections might be very time-consuming for the taxpayers and, should there be any irregularities identified, they can result in sanctions (imposed both on the company and the members of the management board).

How can we help?

MDDP Outsourcing offers:

  • an initial verification of documentation obligations covering, among others, the identification of transactions subject to the such obligations,
  • proper settlement of transfers between related entities in terms of bookkeeping and accounting,
  • ensuring that the transfers have been correctly disclosed in the entity’s financial statement.

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What is more, with the support of the whole MDDP group, we efficiently guide our Customers through the whole process from A (namely the Analysis, determination of the correct model of cooperation) to Z (that is Approval, Submission, and Reporting of all required documents such as, among others, contracts, documentation, valuations, benchmarks or TPR forms filed to the Polish Tax Authority).

Thanks to our offer and its comprehensive form:

– we support the Customers at every stage, from determination of the terms and conditions and preparation of the agreement, proper reporting, to fulfillment of obligations within the scope of transfer pricing (preparation of documentation, comparative analyses, TPR form), if we identify such a need;

– we allow for a faster and safer transfer of data and a direct exchange of information which translates into significant time savings and direct involvement of the people from the company;

– we offer a comprehensive assessment of the introduced solutions and the possible risks, not only from the bookkeeping and accounting but also from tax-related perspective;

– we identify unobvious transfers that, prom the perspective of transfer pricing, can be subjected to a tax inspection.

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