About us

About us

MDDP Outsourcing is one of the largest Polish companies that provide accounting, personnel and payroll outsourcing services.

Team of over 170 experts at MDDP Outsourcing offices in Warsaw and Katowice

The team of over 200 specialists operating in our offices in Warsaw and Katowice is a combination of experience, know-how, fresh approach and insight in the contemporary business reality. We help our customers make well-thought-out decisions by supporting them in constant growth and increase of profits and range of operations.

We rely on a long-term and clear relation with the customer. In our opinion, trust and mutual understanding as to expectations regarding the cooperation are the most important grounds for such a relationship. We are aware that such expectations will always be dependent on the current stage of the customer’s development, as well as their strategic goals. That is why the professional team of experts accompanies the customers all the time in order to offer their full support within the scope of services and consultancy, regardless the situation. The scalability of our solutions also guarantees stable and organized services in case of a very dynamic growth of the customer’s company.

By following the trends of a dynamically growing world of business, we make effort to constantly develop and offer a modern approach and advanced solutions that we keep creating within our organization. For the customers, it means access to perfectly adapted tools and the best business practices, while the members of our team have unlimited possibilities and the feeling of sustained co-creation of modern accounting, personnel and payroll services.

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