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MDDP Outsourcing is part of the MDDP Group, which is a Group with a leading position on the Polish market in rendering end-to-end advisory services related to taxes, law, business consulting, finances, outsourcing of bookkeeping and salary calculation, audit as well as offering professional training and conferences.

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Since its foundation in 2006, MDDP Outsourcing has been focusing on providing comprehensive business solutions in the field of accounting and payroll services. Today our team consists of more than 100 specialists in our two offices: in Warsaw and in Katowice. We work for demanding entities, both with Polish and foreign capital, for whom accounting does not only mean fulfilling statutory duties, but in the first place is a tool supporting company management. We understand that our Customers reach their ambitious goals and do not work in a routine way, and therefore, each time we adjust our solutions and collaboration models to their needs, regardless of industry they deal with or the regulations they have to comply with. We put a lot of attention on financial data reliability as well as quality of communication with Client, which we believe are very important aspects of cooperation with bookkeeping and payroll service provider.

We constantly perfect our competences and invest in innovative technological solutions which we render available to our Customers. In particular, those accounting and payroll IT solutions are ment to strengthen our cooperation with Client through generating added value beyond providing bookkeeping or payroll services. This added value may occur as improvements in increasing internal controls, reduction of workload, cost reduction, etc. Those solutions make external accounting services provider integrates deeply with all department of Client, becoming realiable partner in decision making process of the Company. You can read more about in solutions tab.

Cooperation with bookkeeping and payroll services provider should bring benefits to the Client, and this is how we see our role. Most common benefit is decreasing the cost of accounting and payroll processes, however we see our cooperation with Client as far more complex relation, and our duties as more important than just booking transactions of calculating payroll. This is why we believe that cooperating with us you wil achive wide range of benefits. You can read more in benefits from cooperation tab.

If you still wonder whether bookkeeping and payroll services are services you should consider – we invite you to read our guide – How to choose best accounting and payroll service provider.

For your convenience we invite you to meet us in our office in Warsaw or Katowice.