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Changes in income taxes come into force in 2019
New regulations regarding income taxes will come into force more


Strong market competition makes companies seek improvements and costs reductions. Apart from the owners, active role in this process is fulfilled by operational and financial directors, who are additionally, required to support company development, sales increase, R&D and investment processes. Facing these challenges, the management cannot afford to separate financial division of the company from other business activities and to concentrate solely on performing statutory duties. Financial divisions frequently have to be more involved in the process of managing the company and making decisions, which often entice a significant widening of traditional duties and changes in operation.

Accounting outsourcing will allow for relieving financial division of traditional duties as:

|   bookkeeping services

|   preparing financial reports

|   ensuring the compliance with accounting and procedural standards

|   calculating taxes, preparing reports, etc.

As opposed to a typical accounting agency, for which the only service is to keep ledgers, as a part of bookkeeping services we offer also efficient reporting services - dedicated mainly to managing purposes. For Customers, whose business plans do not anticipate employment of financial controllers or financial directors, our accounting services will be complemented by financial supervision and controlling. These two services jointly will replace your finance team in their entirety.