Accounting office in Katowice

Accounting office in Katowice

MDDP Outsourcing has been offering comprehensive accounting, HR and payroll services in Katowice since 2011, the year in which we decided to establish an accounting agency there to address the demands of the Silesian market. Our registered office is located at ul. Żelazna 2, which is in the very center of the agglomeration of Katowice.

From the beginning of its existence, our accounting office in Katowice has been focused on high-quality accounting services for firms and companies, for which accounting and HR and payroll services constitute a significant asset of a growing business. By relying on our long-term experience and know-how (both in the area of accounting services and tax consultancy), we offer you comprehensive services, regardless of the size of the enterprise or the nature of your operations.

The offer of the accounting office of MDDP Outsourcing in Katowice includes comprehensive services that cover, among others:

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HR & payroll services and the accounting office in Katowice

Among almost 300 customers of the MDDP Outsourcing accounting office, there are both individual companies (limited liability, joint-stock companies, limited partnerships) as well as capital groups that own more than one registered office. Even if the registered offices of the companies are located outside Katowice (or outside the neighboring cities like Gliwice, Zabrze, or Chorzów), we are able to provide the highest-quality accounting services, thanks to the electronic circulation of documents and remote access.

Bookkeeping office in Katowice - MDDP Outsourcing accounting services

Bearing in mind the needs that Katowice and the Silesian agglomeration have in terms of accounting, personnel, and payrolls, we are of the opinion that only the largest accounting offices are able to face such excessive demands. We believe that the team of 170 specialists at MDDP Outsourcing is the guarantees the highest-quality services and the best support in your everchanging business on many levels.

How to get to our accounting office in Katowice?

Our accounting office in Katowice is located in the city center, at ul. Żelazna 2.

Face2Face Business Campus is located in the center of Katowice, which enables efficient access to other parts of the city, both by car and public transport. In the vicinity of the Katowice office of MDDP Outsourcing, there are bus and tram stops and an extensive road network. A drive to the Katowice Główna railway station / Galeria Katowicka takes about 5 minutes by car, and less than 10 minutes to the A4 motorway.

Please contact our accounting office of MDDP Outsourcing in Katowice. In the reply, we will send you the full offer and the price list for accounting, personnel, and payroll services for your company.

However, if you are looking for accounting services in Mazovia – please contact our accounting office in Warsaw.

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