HR and payroll administration

Personnel and payroll administration are one of the key areas of operations in every company. Well-managed employee documentation and personal records and properly handled leaves and absences not only have to influence the optimum operation of the enterprise but also on building competitive advantage as well as on personnel’s satisfaction.

Due to the development of the market and constantly changing legal regulations, maintaining a highly-efficient HR administration has been currently a challenge for entrepreneurs and internal HR departments.

Personnel services for business

The team of experts of accounting office MDDP Outsourcing who gained their experience in personnel and payroll services by working with our largest (and very often international) customers will care for your personnel administration, ensuring the highest-quality advanced HR and payroll services.

As a part of personnel services for business, we offer, among others:

  • management of employee personal records,
  • support in leave management,
  • monitoring of contracts for a fixed period and notifications on their completion dates,
  • preparation of documents and certificates connected with employment,
  • introduction and update of employee databases in the personnel and payroll system,
  • monitoring of validity of medical examinations and OH&S training.

At MDDP Outsourcing, we can also manage your employee records in an electronic form, which since January 2019 has been allowed by regulations of law (if you decide to implement it). Management of employee personal records in a digital form refers both to your current employees as well as persons whose employment was terminated.

Personnel and payroll systems

In order to address your needs, we offer implementation and updates of all the most crucial information regarding your employees in dedicated personnel and payroll system. It covers personal data, employment records, as well as any registers of holiday leaves, sick leaves, training, or possible accidents at work.

In order to care for the protection of the personal data of employees, we apply proven methods and advanced system solutions that properly secure such data against loss and undesired disclosure to unauthorized persons. Such data are stored in a “cloud”, which also guarantees that they will not be lost due to an unforeseeable error or breakdown.

On an ongoing basis, we also monitor any changes in the legislation regarding labor law, tax law, and social securities. As a result, we are able to eliminate the risk of consequences imposed by supervisory authorities, as well as we are able to react to amendments, e.g. by introducing mandatory software updates or offering access to new, automatic solutions by MDDP Outsourcing, such as e-files and e-leaves. 

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