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What makes us the leading accounting office in the industry?

From the very beginning of our operations, MDDP Outsourcing aimed at providing the highest quality accounting services and personnel and payroll services. Throughout over 12 years of cooperation with our customers, we developed solutions and methods the application of which guarantees the satisfaction of even the most excessive expectations and fulfillment of even the tightest deadlines.

Our greatest asset, without a doubt, is the well-qualified experts who not only have many personal achievements (ACCA, auditors, tax advisors) but also, which is more important, function perfectly in cooperation and overlapping of various specialties. Consequently, we offer multi-level support for the areas we have been entrusted with, proven with years of practical experience in various sectors of the market.

Despite the fact that the proper management of a company comprises of collaboration of many experts from specialized departments, cooperation and constant contact is always provided through one specially dedicated person.

Our responsibility and initiative

We offer full initiative and take responsibility

We cooperate with our customers through detailed discussions concerning the purpose that we jointly intend to achieve. When we know the goal, we make effort to ensure fluent implementation of tasks, communicating any needs or notes concerning the possible obstacles and bottlenecks.

We are those who have the experience and knowledge in the best practices. Thus, we are the ones responsible for showing the correct direction. Only by such an approach, the change will be the effect of our mutual work rather than just a surprising factor.

Continuous work to provide quality services

We constantly improve the quality of our services

The philosophy of continuous improvement, just like a map, points out the direction of our development and shapes the services we offer. By constantly working on improving our processes and by creating new procedures, we are able to provide our customers with services that meet the current standards.

In times of such frequent changes in the market, amendments in regulations, and never-ending challenges, the only appropriate path is to constantly search for a range of optimization. Thanks to the development of more effective methods and tools, we are able to propose the most up-to-date and adapted solutions.

Linear approach towards key tasks

We provide ongoing access to financial information

Contrary to many offices on the domestic market, at the accounting office MDDP Outsourcing, we book the documents on a daily basis. We know the importance of ongoing access to the financial information that very often decides on the strategies concerning the company’s operations.

Due to long-term experience in various industries, we also think that accounting on a daily basis (so-called continuous accounting) is the only correct standard that suits the current business reality. A model based on postponing the booking of accounts to specific days of the week is just unnecessary procrastination that will never bring results that will allow a constant growth of efficiency in terms of accounting.

Focus on arrangement of dependent processes

We focus on arrangint all dependant processes

Both the accounting area as well as the qualitative handling of personnel and payrolls consist of numerous interdependent tasks the organization of which defines the final result. Entrusting such a key part of company management to one or two persons will establish the upper limit of the company’s ability to grow.

Only a reliable development and organization of processes across many specialist departments will guarantee complete and efficient handling of financial aspects of the enterprise. From our practice, we know that tasks planned in such a way give the opportunity for a significant increase in the quality of accounting.

Parameterization adapted to the needs

We offer services adapted to your needs

In order to precisely adjust the proposed solutions to your current needs, we jointly ensure conducting a detailed analysis and checking the efficiency of the currently executed processes.

The proper identification and understanding of your situation are of key importance for all the further stages of provided services. Only by paying attention to every detail, we may provide you with a tailor-made setup, that is a set of solutions and tools that guarantee the fast pace and accuracy of the implemented processes.

Multi-level technological support

We use technology on many different levels

The pace of technological development might sometimes be the reason for forced changes. In our opinion, however, the aspects of personnel, payrolls, and accounting can benefit from the usage of new IT possibilities. Thanks to technology, we are able to eliminate redundant, repetitive processes not only as a part of the everyday work of MDDP Outsourcing but also in the customer’s environment.

Automation is not the only advantage of using modern solutions. It is also the guarantee of efficient, safe, and continuous service that is impossible through traditional methods (even if performed by the best experts).

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