VAT Compliance in Poland

Increased reporting obligations imposed by tax authorities and changes in tax legislation might result not only in informational chaos but also in consequences forced by supervisory authorities. Entrepreneurs must maintain particular diligence within the area of accounting in Poland with regard to timeliness and correctness of filed declarations and payments of tax obligations.

Services concerning the VAT process refer both to companies that keep full accounting in Poland as well as companies registered for the sole purpose of VAT. The dynamic pace of changes required the company to be greatly involved in updating its knowledge within the scope of the act on VAT. However, without the ability to confirm the interpretation of new provisions, one will not be certain about the made decisions, even after a high amount of devoted time.

VAT compliance services and tax agency

VAT compliance is a set of services that support you in processes concerning the implementation of obligations regulated by law and settlement of the value-added tax. The team of tax experts at MDDP Outsourcing can efficiently help you with decisions that are of key importance for your business.

As a part of the offered VAT compliance service, we provide:

  • help with registers of taxpayers for VAT/VAT-UE purposes,
  • keeping VAT registers,
  • preparation of VAT and JPK_VAT declarations,
  • support during verification activities and tax audits,
  • help in receiving a VAT return.

VAT registers and declarations

Every active VAT payer is obligated to keep a register of purchases and a register of sales in terms of VAT. The document must include:

  • data that will allow identification of the subject and basis of taxation,
  • the amount of payable tax,
  • the amount of charged tax,
  • the amount of eventual corrections of the payable and charged tax,
  • the amount of tax subject to payment to the tax office or return from such an office,
  • other data that can be used to identify individual transactions, including the number used to identify the contractor for the purposes of tax or value added tax.

As a part of the cooperation, we prepare such evidence and use it as the grounds for the preparation of VAT declarations and JPK_VAT (SAF-T).

Active VAT payers are also obligated to generate and send tax declarations (the most common are: VAT-7 in case of monthly settlements and VAT-7K in case of quarterly settlements) and Standard Audit Files JPK_VAT – registers of VAT purchases and sales.

Help in receiving a VAT return

Pursuant to Art. 87 of the act on value-added tax, should the amount of charged tax be referred to in Art. 86 section 2 be higher than payable tax during the settlement period, the taxpayer is entitled to a reduction of tax payable for future periods by that amount or to a reimbursement of the difference paid to a bank account.

Unfortunately, the general deadline for a return of the overpaid tax is 60 days. Such realities may significantly affect the financial liquidity of an enterprise, exposing it to risk of losses. As a part of the VAT compliance service of account office MDDP Outsourcing, we help in recovering the payable tax much faster.

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