Accounting office Warsaw

Accounting office Warsaw

The MDDP Outsourcing accounting office of in Warsaw was established in 2006 and has been providing high-quality accounting, HR & payroll services for business, which have remained unchanged from the very beginning. Our offer is aimed at entrepreneurs from every sector of the market, regardless the company’s size and pace of development.

Nowadays, our Warsaw accounting office is located in the high-tech building SPARK B at al. Solidarności 171. Throughout the years, we have been developing specialist and support teams in our organizations, constantly raising the quality of our accounting services with equal attention paid to the personnel and payrolls of every customer in our portfolio.

Advanced accounting offices do not only involve online accounting, but also accounting services in English as well as IT systems that facilitate the work of finance departments. In the case of such a specific area of business like accounting, Warsaw companies have excessive demands that only the largest accounting agencies are able to satisfy. In order to satisfy those expectations, the accounting office of MDDP Outsourcing offers the following as a part of comprehensive services:

  • accounts management,
  • handling of personnel and payrolls,
  • preparation and consolidation of financial statements,
  • handling bank accounts, input of payments,
  • tax and legal consultancy (VAT, CIT, WHT),
  • electronic circulation of documents,
  • a remote access to documents, invoices and reports.

Accounting, personnel and payroll – Warsaw

Currently, almsot 300 companies have been using the services of the MDDP Outsourcing accounting office, not only from cities like Warsaw, Wrocław or Poznań, but also from all over the country and abroad. For your convenience, our most advances service means no printed documents, a 24/7 access to accounting information, and your financial data updated on an ongoing basis.

Bookkeeping office in Warsaw - MDDP Outsourcing services for business

Our Warsaw office of MDDP Outsourcing which provides, among others, accounting services has experience in both accounting as well as in handling personnel and payrolls in various types of business. Our customers include companies (limited liability, joint-stock companies, general partnerships) but also capital groups that often have many offices in different locations.  As a proven accounting office, we also recommend our services to such entities by offering them a constant access to state-of-the-art solutions and by supporting them in continuous development of their operations on many levels.

Please contact our accountants office in Warsaw. We will be pleased to present you the full offer and the price list for accounting, personnel and payroll services for business.

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