Payroll processing

Precise calculation of remunerations is one of the key elements in the area of personnel and payroll, as well as the most frequent task outsourced to external entities. It ensures complete control over the company’s budget and the efficient functioning of the enterprise. Apart from the calculation of wages, care for the correctness of settlements should also include payrolls, named payslips, payroll records sheets for tax purposes, and payroll records sheets for insurance purposes.

In the case of persons who perform their duties under a civil law agreement, the calculation of the remuneration is based on provisions of the Civil Code. Diligent and scrupulous handling of payrolls of a company ensures protection against legal and financial consequences arising from errors made during the calculation of remunerations.

Payroll services for business

MDDP Outsourcing offers you comprehensive payroll services, starting from ongoing updates and maintenance of payroll data, calculation of remunerations, to the settlement of payrolls and reporting and submitting statements to the Social Insurance Institution, tax office, and State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People.
As a part of comprehensive personnel and payroll services, we provide:

  • calculation of remunerations based on applicable legal regulations and with regard to remuneration rules at your enterprise,
  • preparation of payrolls,
  • performance of transfers of remuneration to employees’ bank accounts,
  • preparation of payslips,
  • preparation of settlements and declarations and reports for the Social Insurance Institution, Tax Office, Central Statistical Office, and State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People according to regulations of Polish law,
  • preparation of reports adjusted to your individual needs,
  • preparation of employment and remuneration certificates,
  • preparation of annual declarations and tax information as well as information for ZUS – PIT-R, PIT-8AR, ZUS IWA, PIT-11, IR ZUS,
  • representing you during inspections conducted by authorities through our specialists, at our premises, at minimum involvement of your employees.

As the provider of payroll services, we also ensure that the calculation of remunerations takes place in accordance with the law. Thus, we keep expanding the knowledge and competencies of our experts at MDDP Outsourcing. You are provided with that knowledge throughout the whole service period so that you do not have to acquire and maintain it on your own by training your own personnel.

Payroll handling for agreements and managerial contracts

We can offer you the support in the calculation of remunerations in your company based on the long-term experience of our personnel and payroll team. By working with large companies of various industries, we acquired qualifications that will help your company build a competitive advantage while maintaining attention to even the smallest details concerning the settlement of remunerations.

Our customers include enterprises that use most variable forms of employment such as contracts of employment, contracts for specific work, contracts of mandate, as well as many managerial contracts. MDDP Outsourcing can offer you solutions that will greatly improve the circulation of financial information, especially in the case of calculation of remunerations for the managerial staff. 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our offer, we highly encourage you to contact us or one of our stationary accounting offices: in Warsaw (Mazovian District) or in Katowice (Silesian District).

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