Support in the implementation of a financial and accounting system

Clients decide to cooperate with MDDP Outsourcing to a different extent and under different models of accounting services, which require the use of a financial and accounting system adapted to the needs of the entity and the legal requirements.

In a situation where organisations do not have their own financial and accounting system, we offer them an effective solution of keeping the books using our own system, but nothing stands in the way of us providing our services based on the Client’s system either.

Our accounting teams are experienced in handling the following financial & accounting systems: Symfonia, Promis S4, Impuls 5, SAP, Exact and Oracle, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft AX, Simple, Enova, Comarch Optima or Comarch ERP XL.

In our work, we have also many times encountered a situation where our client had a given accounting and financial system in place but, for important reasons, decided to opt for a different solution.

What is the process of implementing an accounting system?

Traditionally, the implementation of an accounting system in a business involves:

  • selecting a particular solution;
  • choosing the implementing company;
  • the implementation process.

The participants in the process of implementing a new accounting system are the implementation company and representatives of the Client, most often delegated by the IT and accounting departments. Over the years, we have noticed that in most cases, the in-house accounting departments do not have the relevant competences to be a partner for the implementation company.

Why is that? More often than not, accountants have been working with one programme for many years, unless they used some other systems in previous workplaces in the course of their careers. They are seldom deeply involved in the software implementation process, and even if they are, they are entrusted with individual tasks. This is most often related to the fact that the main task of the accounting department’s employees is doing their ongoing work, and tasks associated with the implementation of a new accounting system are additional for them.

Ultimately, not everything goes according to plan in implementations, so it is necessary to check whether the documents booked in the new system have been booked in line with the guidelines, preferably by posting them simultaneously in the old and new systems and then comparing the results. Given that the accounting team usually does not have spare processing capacity to carry out such comparisons, they do so either to the least possible extent or not at all.

The role of MDDP Outsourcing in the implementation of an accounting system in your company

Taking into account the above experiences, we believe that our involvement in the process can bring tangible benefits to your organisation:

  1. We have experience not only in working with numerous accounting systems but also in their implementation. What is more, when a particular system is imposed by the group a company belongs to, it often happens that the system does not meet all formal requirements. If that is the case, we are able to utilise other solutions or systems so that the requirements are complied with.
  2. For each implementation, we dedicate a team of experts that consists of not only accountants experienced in working with a particular system but also IT specialists and a project manager. Thanks to this, we significantly accelerate the entire process of implementing the accounting system.
  3. As accountants, we know how to implement accounting systems so as to achieve maximum effectiveness and make the subsequent work on a given system free of unnecessary clicks, processes, etc. Therefore, in the process of implementing accounting and financial software, our accountants train employees and help them even better utilise the system’s capabilities, among other things.
  4. As an external company, we are able to devote ourselves one hundred per cent to the implementation of an accounting and financial system in a business, without being forced to carry out other ongoing tasks at the same time. This means that our employees can fully focus on the effectiveness of the implementation. Similarly, we can become involved in the performance of relevant tests after the implementation.

It is worth emphasising that we are not a substitute for the implementation company; we serve as a support partner and a liaison between this company, the in-house accounting team and our Client’s management board.

We offer our support in the process of implementing accounting systems both to businesses for which we provide accounting services and to those that have their own in-house accounting resources.

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